Friday, July 29, 2011

Would you pay for it?

Would you ever pay for sex? Would you accept money in exchange for sex? Would you ever pay to have someone whip your ass? Would you pay someone to let you whip their ass? Before you answer these questions, let me ask you another question. Who pays for dinner when you go out on a date or to a movie?

I ask these questions because there are people out there who feel they should be compensated in some way for their time when partaking in sexual acts, BDSM activities, etc. I’m not here to defend prostitutes, Pro Domme’s or anyone else that would fall into that category. But what is the difference in taking a woman out on a date and buying her dinner. Maybe taking her to a movie. Maybe flowers or even a small gift. And then hope at the end of the night things went well enough that you can get lucky and get you a little sumtin sumtin.

I suppose one difference is professional and amateur. It’s all a matter of how you declare yourself. Let’s compare amateur and professional athletes for example. A college basketball player is considered an amateur athlete. Until he hires an agent and/or gets asked/drafted/selected to play for a professional league and is then paid a salary to play a sport. Thus he went from an amateur athlete to a professional athlete because now he draws a pay check. How many watch golf on TV? Ever noticed that sometimes next to a name you will see a small letter “a”? No, that doesn’t designate that person as an asshole nor are they branded with the scarlet letter. The small “a” means they are an amateur playing. That also means that no matter where they finish in that tourney, they will receive NO MONEY!!!

Back to the sexual and BDSM aspect of it. As a society many of us look down upon professionals who sell themselves in some manner for sex or bdsm. Yes prostitution is illegal in most states. Hell, getting fucked in the ass is illegal in some states. Many of us even look at paying someone for sex as morally wrong. Hey, we are human after all. Would I pay for sex? No, I wouldn’t. In one hand, I think that is a sign of desperation to pay for sex in some form. In the other hand, paying for sex just eliminates the need for courtship and gets you right down to the nitty gritty of it. To each their own. I just won’t pay for it, nor will I charge for it. Although I might charge for my advice. Does that mean I am pimping my brain out? Maybe I need to re-examine that though.

I know a couple of ladies who are in the BDSM world who do charge for their services. We have actually become friends. Not great friends where I get a discount or would call them to bail me out of jail. Not saying I would do something to cause me to go to jail. But friends that we can openly discuss things in a friendly manner. I have always told them that it is their right to make a living, earn some side cash or whatever. I mean if someone is willing to pay for it, then someone has to be there to take their money. So be it. More power to them.

Bottom line is this. Whatever you or the other person chooses to do is their business. We have the right and the option to turn away from them. We can express our opinion to them, but it is their right to do what they want either legally or illegally. Do you know the difference between legal and illegal? No, wrong answer. No again. And that’s three no’s in a row, you are out. The difference is getting caught. It is only illegal if you get caught. Well, ok, sarcasm ruled on that one. But in a sense, it is correct.

Are your eyes and mind open now? If not then don’t worry, there is hope for you yet. LOL. In my opinion I think it is all a matter of perception.


I will inflict the pain, but I will kiss away the tears.

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Anonymous said...

I have to agree - often there seems to be the expectation that buying dinner carries some obligation. I refuse to let anyone pay my way if I suspect that's how they feel about it - I prefer not to feel like I'm for sale. I'm also comfortable splitting costs when possible.

However, some men don't think that buying dinner or a movie incurs any expectation, they see it as their role and are more comfortable with it. When I'm sure that's the case, I will allow them to pay my way, assuming they can afford to do so.

On the other hand, I don't think there's anything wrong with selling it.

Interesting topic.