Monday, November 11, 2013

This past year

As I reflect back on the past 12 months, there has been a lot of change in my life. For the first time in a long time, I had a great year. I did have some downs, but the ups FAR out weigh the downs. To compare my ups, if there were a BCS poll for my year, I would rank it in the top five of all time. A year ago, I celebrated my 40th birthday. My best friends took me to a great restaurant followed by my first trip to a casino. 4 pitchers of mojitos, down 100 dollars at the casino, the night ended with a bang and a damn good celebration.

I reflected on the first 40 years of my life and although it seems as if it has flown by, I still thought to myself that I have accomplished, experienced and enjoyed the first 40 years of my life. I sure hope that I have 40 more in me, and that the next 40 years are filled with fun, joy, pleasure, pain, heart ache, triumph, victory, laughter, tears, etc as much , if not more than the first 40. I am still young, and still have many things left that I want to experience.

They say the way you spend your new years eve is what your year will be like. Well, I spent time with friends partying it up on new years, so what have I been doing this whole year? Yep, you guessed it, having a good ole time, hanging with friends, taking trips, exploring and having a grand ole time. There really hasn’t been much of a dull moment this past year. To say I have had fun is an under statement since I have had a great time.

I took a trip to California this past May to visit some new friends. The first cross country trip by myself since high school. Although, when I went cross country in high school, I was still visiting family. This time though, it was to meet some new friends, new in a sense that I had never met them before. In the coming weeks I will blog about that trip. Even though that trip was 6 months ago, I still remember it like it was last week. That is how much fun I did have.

In June I started dating a beautiful lady (yes, she knows about my alternative lifestyle, reads my blog AND follows me on twitter) and to say the least, she does make me smile, feel good and has put some pep in my step, not to mention inflate my already over inflated ego. Damn, did you feel that? I think the earth just shifted from everyone rolling their eyes at the same time at me and my ego. HA, get over it. It is MY ego and NOT yours. I do love her and everything she is, not to mention she calls me Daddy. SCHWING!!!!!!!

This past year has started a new chapter in my life. Last year, at midnight of my 40th birthday, I took 8 shots of bourbon. One for my birthday, 6 for the past 6 years of a marriage that ended up failing and one final one for my future. I drank to the present, the past and my future. A future that is uncertain, but looks good so far.

In closing, life is what YOU make of it. Do you want to sit around, sulk, feel sorry for yourself? Then by all means, you go ahead and do that. Or do you want to get up, do what YOU want and enjoy what life has to offer? Then lets go, I am driving and we are going to enjoy ourselves and experience what ever is out there for us. I know that’s what I am going to do.