Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Following instructions

I wish I had more time to do more of the things I want to do. Like spank some bare assed slut that is lying across my lap. Or bind one up in leather and rope, and swing my flogger until my arms are sore. How about a blindfolded subbie, standing before me without being bound, arms to her side and naked with instructions to not move as I tease her skin with the tip of my knife? Better then that, arms behind her head, elbows up, legs spread and using a crop to spank her cunt. Nothing like adding more swats every time she flinches, her toes curl or when she bites her bottom lip. What part of DO NOT MOVE do you no understand? What the fuck is wrong with people who do not listen and follow simple god damned instructions?

I’m really not an asshole. I just play one on TV. I tend to be a nice guy. Understanding, caring, compassionate and patience. All I ever ask for is patience, attention to detail and follow orders. Is that too much to ask for? When you choose to not follow simple instructions and do as you’re instructed, then it upsets me. Not raging mad, throwing shit, cursing, stomping, and punching walls mad. But frustrated mad.

Just the other day I had to visit with a co-worker and go over their job duties, expectations and pay attention to details for the millionth time. You think I am joking but I am being serious. This conversation comes just 4 days (a weekend included) after we had had the conversation for the 999,999th time. And guess what??? AGAIN yesterday. I have a saying for that. CUNT. Can’t Understand Normal Thinking. Of I am always saying FOCUS. Fuck Off Cause Ur Stupid. Seriously, we are grown adults working in a professional environment and yet they can not follow simple instructions for their daily job duties.

I have learned over time that if I am going to give someone instructions on what to do, I will give you exact instructions. If I ask you to sweep the floor, I will tell you to go to the hall closet, get the broom out, hold it in your hand and make a sweeping motion on the floor starting in the furthest corner and sweep everything in the same direction to one point on the opposite side of the room into a pile then take the dust pan, hold it at an angle to the floor and sweep said filth into the pan, then holding the pan in a matter to keep from spilling the contents, take the pan to the nearest garbage can and dump said contents into the trash can. Simple instructions? I thought so too.

So then why do adults still not follow these simple directions and do it a different way or forget to do certain critical parts of the instruction like hold the pan to keep the contents from spilling until you get to a trashcan? Very frustrating. You get the point I am trying to make. If you don’t, then FOCUS.

My final thought on this is open your ears and shut your mouth. Listen, understand and do as instructed. It is not that difficult.

I will inflict the pain, but I will kiss away the tears.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

C O M M U N I C A T I O N ! ! ! ! ! ! !

Who holds the power? I do damn it. No? Some of you disagree? You mean to tell me I do NOT hold the power?

Seriously, who does hold the power? A submissive or bottom does. How so? Because they have a right to a safe word and to say stop or go. A Dominant simples’ carry out as instructed. WAIT!!!! Before you Dom’s who read this get your panties in a wad, let me go into more depth. Sheesh!!!

A submissive has the right to set limits, have a safe word and the right to say no. If you do NOT believe this, then stop reading right fucking now and click the red X in the upper right corner and get the fuck out of my blog you fucking candy ass pansy motherfucker. YOU are one of the abuser’s who give the rest of us true and genuine Dom’s a bad name and make it so fucking hard on us to find a submissive who needs someone like us. Where the fuck was I? Oh yes, a submissive has the power in a Dom/sub relationship.

Think about it. If you are “playing” with a submissive and they use their safe word, you are required by law, punishable under section 69, subsection 1234, paragraph ouch in the Dominants log star dated 41876453. Don’t believe me? Look it up. While you are at it, will you please water my money tree as you walk by? Thanks.

Ok, now on to the real education here. As a Dom/sub couple, you the Dominant should know that and practice safe words. Are they always used? No. But you should always have one. No if ands or ghetto butts about it. If you are a GOOD Dom, your submissive should never have to use it. IF you are a GREAT Dom, then you should be able to push your submissive right to the point of a safe word and back off. How else are you going to reach that inevitable peak of endorphin high if you do not? Both for you and your submissive.

The key to any and all of this is communication and honesty. I always want to talk about things. And many times I always get the “I do not cyber, do phone sex nor am I here to let you get off while I am talking about doing these things.” Get the fuck over yourself. I want to talk about and discuss these things to understand your head and how it processes information. What you are thinking during a scene. What emotions you are going through. So on and so forth. Am I going to get a hard on while having this discussion? I always do. But I will save that for the subbie to take care of, if it is a part of our scene we have discussed before hand. DAMN IT!!! Didn’t I just say communication and honesty are very important? Pay attention.

I always allow a submissive to tell me their limits. Tell me their wants and desires. Tell me the do’s and don’ts I might tweak what they say and give them for instances to clarify what they are saying or to open their eyes to a different avenue for them to explore. I have yet to have one tell me to get lost once I have explained my intentions of discussing past experiences. That is the ones who have let me explain it.

I always seek out a submissive who can and will talk openly and honestly. The ones who stay quite, keep their mouth shut and continue to be a “yes” subbie are more of a turn off then one who presents a challenge mentally for me. It is more of a turn on to have a submissive who will openly discuss and communicate with me.

Bottom line is this. Without communication and honesty there is no hope in sight for you. Communicate. Be open and honest. Be understanding. If you can exercise the patience and adopt these simple rules, you will enjoy some great times with one another. Other wise, call yourself a slave and be a fucking doormat. And I don’t want to hear you fucking complain one time about it when you are treated that way.

I will inflict the pain, but I will kiss away the tears.

Did you just fart?

I have to comment on something I read this morning. I saw where a submissive asked if anyone had ever experienced someone passing gas in the middle of a scene? Imagine a submissive over my knee, I am spanking her and suddenly she farts. How would I react? Would I laugh? Would I be grossed out? Would I scream a safe word? Is farting considered part of scat?

Well, a couple of thoughts on this. First reaction. IF a submissive should happen to pass gas, break wind, fart, expel flatulence... How would I react? Once I got over the initial shock, I would probably blister that ass. Grab a good handful of hair, snap that head back and spank that ass until my hand went numb. Farting is one thing. I can even tolerate a fart if we are spooning and I get a pseudo blowjob from it. But farting literally in my face? OH FUCK NO!!!!! The only thing that would save you from that is if you caused me to pass out there on the spot. Other wise I will show no mercy on your ass. You have heard of Fist's of Fury? Well it will be spanks o' plenty. My hand would work in such a blur that even slow motion photography would not be able to slow my hand down enough to be able to count. I would get in a hundred swats before your brain would even register that I have slapped your ass once. The time it takes that nerve to fire a message to your brain from your ass is long enough for me to get in a 1000 swats. Think I am kidding? Who wants to be the first to try and fart in my face? Anyone brave enough to test me and find out?

I know I am just as guilty as anyone else, maybe even more guilty of farting. What human does not fart. We ALL do. Even as a little kid when my mother tried to blame the dog when she farted, I KNEW she did it. One time she did it and blamed the dog. Only I shot back and said the dog is outside. The response then was, do not sass me followed by a back hand to the face. Or what about my grandmother who coughs when she farts to hide it. Although sometimes I wonder if she farts when she IS coughing. Instead of a "fartcoughcough" it is a "coughfartcoughcoughfartcough". Either way we ALL do it. I seem to fart more when I have been drinking a fair amount of beer. Hey, I need another beer. What!?! Out of beer? How many have we had? 2, 3, 30??? Anyhow, point being we all fart. Admit it or not. We do it.

Could it happen? Possibly. Hell, I think there has been once or twice that I had to suppress a fart while getting a blowjob. Would I blast away while you were down there? Probably not, unless you were into humiliation and then well, all bets are off. HOLY COW, I JUST FARTED IN YOUR FACE BITCH. HOW DO YOU LIKE THAT?!?!!

Seriously though, I think the way the human body reacts to erotic stimulation would prevent that from happening. Your brain and body is going to be more focused on how you feel at that point. If your stomach fires a message to your brain saying "HEY I NEED TO FART" your brain is going to click ignore on the stomach and say not now, I am trying to re-route all nerve activity from the ass to ease the pain. Besides, right now the asshole is so clenched up, there is nothing that is going to be going out let alone coming in through there. So, this is your brain telling you, stomach, to shut the fuck up. But then again it has not happened to me, and to my knowledge no one has gotten close enough to cutting one loose. And no I am not interested in experiencing it either.

My final thought is this. We all are different inside and out. We might say we are a like, but truthfully we are all different. I would gladly have this conversation with someone who has vast knowledge of the human body. But I would rely more on actual real time, real world experiences to form an opinion on it. Just don't try to pass gas on me.

I will inflict the pain, but I will kiss away the tears.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Story time part 4

With trembling hands she reached behind her to unzip the dress she was wearing. With her other hand clutching the top of her dress, she looked at his feet and hesitated for a moment. Long enough for him to quickly reach out, grab a handful of her hair and snap her neck back.

Through clenched teeth, he growled at her, spittle coming from his mouth. Close enough to her face, she could feel the drops fall on her skin, the heat of his breath on her cheek. Looking into those fiery eyes of his, she began to melt in his grasp. “I will only say this one last time. Strip now to your stockings and heels, or I will rip that dress from your body and push your naked ass into the hallway and lock the door behind you.”

Biting her bottom lip, her breath caught in her chest, she loosed her grip on the top of the dress and felt it fall to the floor. Her knees were now trembling as he released his grip on her hair. His voice softening, he said but one word. Good. As he turned away from her to focus on his meal, he said, “And the bra too.” Uncovering the dishes before him, she could sense the smile on his face as for the first time tonight, “Finally, someone follows my orders.” Sitting down at the table, he lays his napkin in his lap, reaches for his fork and takes a stab at the vegetables on his plate. Pouring himself a glass of wine, he finally turns his head to look at her. With a smile on his face, he orders her to her knees and instructs her to crawl to him.

Slowly sliding to the floor, bracing herself on the edge of the bed, putting her hands on the floor, the begins her slow crawl over to him. Only to be thinking, What the fuck are you doing? Why are you allowing him to talk to you like this? Why are you allowing him to treat you this way? As her legs rub against one another, she realizes her body has betrayed her mind and can feel the wetness between her legs. Not just in her crotch, but down her thighs. The rub of her stockings on her legs tantalizes her skin as her lips are tingling from this new sensation in her body. Her nipples ache. Her body is hot. Her face feels flush.

Reaching him, she looks up into those eyes of his. Those eyes of desire. Those eyes of passion. Those eyes…. Those same eyes she saw earlier today at the book signing. Those eyes that told her to come to him. Those eyes of power. Now what? She is on her hands and knees, looking up at him as he takes a bite of food. Should she stand and sit in the chair next to him? Does she stay there until instructed otherwise? What the hell do I do now?!

Looking down at her, he smiles broadly. Taking another bite of food, he puts his fork down and as he is chewing his food, he reaches across the table and grabs the choker chain for her. Looping it together, he turns and bends down and pulls the chain over her hand and around her neck. Pulling her hair out, he reaches down, grabs a hold of the loop at the end of the chain and gives it a slight pull tightening it around her neck. “Please, stand and join me for dinner. Your food is getting cold.”

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Story Time Chapter 4

Stay tuned for chapter 4. Seeking some inspiration. Check back soon!!!!!!!

Monday, June 21, 2010

A lesson learned

The other day I was thinking about somethings. One thing that came to mind is people who think they can handle a spanking. I am not talking about someone in the lifestyle. I am talking about the ones who have no interest in BDSM, but on occasion like to be spanked or think they can handle one. What got me thinking about this is someone asking me have I ever crossed the line and went to far. Well, that depends on the other party and I. I don't think I did. The other party concerned thought so. Here, let me lay it out for you.

Met this couple out one night. She had a genuine interest in the "kinky" things I partake in. They call it a kink. Remember, I am talking about someone who is not in the lifestyle. We had a lengthy discussion about different things. Flogging, paddles, rope etc. She really took to my flogger and the smell of the leather. In fact, I had to grab a handful of hair and pull her head back to keep her from drooling on the soft, supple black leather of my flogger. She didn't like the paddle, but then again, not many people do like those. About 3/8in think, about 8in in diameter wooden paddle. I don't know why? It makes a nice loud sound when it connects with the bare skin of an exposed ass. WEG. On with this couple. So we spent the next few weeks chatting online and discussing things. The more I spoke with him, he just wanted to see her tied up and spanked. He was probably going to sit in the corner and spank his monkey. However, the more I chatted with her, the more I got the vibe she was into this and wanted to learn more.

Well, we met up again out one night and decided that night was the night she would take the flogger and paddle. After getting her worked up it was time. I started out slow and gentle, using my bare hand. Starting with the meaty fleshy part of her ass, I would watch my hand bounce of her ass. No reaction from her. Not a whimper, not a moan. Not even a flinch. I pinched her nipples to make sure she had not gone to sleep and I was responded with a buckling of her knees and a moan. Then again, I was pulling down on her nipples. Anyhow, I stood back up, welding the flogger. Many people were not gathered around watching. Some mesmerized by what was happening. Others interested in what was happening. And a few turned on and biting their bottom lips. Some people are just too fucking squeamish. Anyhow, a few soft swings from the flogger, to get her used to it and to gauge my aim, I widened my stance and took a few half speed swings at her. The sound of the tails whistling through the air caused more the one person to flinch. After landing a few swings, I picked up the pace and intensity. Paying close attention to body language and opening my ears to listen everything seemed to be going ok.

After a good 10-15 minutes of repeated flogging, I took a short break to get a drink and give her a rest. Chatting with her for a few and asking basic questions she seemed to be in a good state of mind. Others coming around and asking about it, does it hurt, can I hold it, so on and so forth. Next she decided she wanted to the paddle. Bending her over the table again, I went into my mind fuck, swatting my leg with the paddle, or smacking my hand on the table. DAMN I LOVE THIS SHIT!!!!!!!! So, I lined her ass up, took some gentle swings to warm her up, and swat swat. One on each ass. Hubby had a HUGE grin. A few others did to. Looking at her face, her eyes were open, she was breathing and she was flush in the face. I asked her if she was ok, and her response was, that wasn't to bad. I think I can handle more.

Building up intensity, I was giving her some fairly decent swats on the ass. No broken vessels. No apparent bruising. Just a good red, hot, goose bumped ass. Until 2 days later when her hubby decided he didn't like it and finally let it out. Long story short, I learned a lesson here. I will be damned sure of who I am going to be playing with in the future. And I will damned sure to think 2 even 3 times before taking on a novice who only has a "kink"

My final thought is this. We all have kinks. We all have likes and dislikes. And we all started from somewhere when it comes to this lifestyle. I will share my opinion on any and everything. I will gladly answer any questions and I would love to train new people. But I will be damned if I will allow myself to be blindsided like that again.


I will inflict the pain, but I will kiss away the tears.

Friday, June 18, 2010


Wow, has it been since January that I last posted? What the hell. Sucks when life gets in the way. Well, time to work on that. I really haven't had much time this year to blog at all. Seems here lately all I do is work work work. I need some fun.

I see I have a new follower. Well new because I am just now getting on here for the first time since January. Whats funny about this follower is the name. Niccole Heat. Hi Niccole Heat. Two "c" in your name huh? I am going to take a stab here and guess this isn't your real name. I also think you like the TV Show, Castle. For those of you who have never seen the show, it is about a police detective and a fiction writer solving crime in New York. The writers name is Richard Castle. He actually is a real author. I recently saw one of his books at Joseph Beth. Anyhow, the main character in his books is a chic named Nikki Heat. Anyway, welcome. Enjoy my ramblings

That's all for now kiddies.

I will inflict the pain, but I will kiss away the tears.

Thursday, January 7, 2010


A friend asked me yesterday how do I find/meet people in the lifestyle. I simply replied, I just happen to bump into them one way or another. Mostly by chance. For example, my friend who asked the question is a guy I bumped into one day while surfing the internet. One thing lead to another, we had lunch, then dinner, and now we are fairly good friends. We share a lot of common interests in kinks. He is fascinated with BDSM. Sometimes he gets off on the deep dark shit, sometimes he gets off on simply hearing a sub reply yes sir. He is admittaly a novice and could never take it to the level that I have. Actually he is prob more of a sub himself because I really think he sits there and jerks his pud while reading my emails about my experience.

I remember going to a dungeon once and discovering someone I went to high school with in there playing. I walked into a room to witness a scene and there on his hands and knees was a very popular guy from school, getting his ass caned by this towering woman. I didnt know it was him while the scene was going on. I discovered who he was after the scene was over. I was getting up to leave and when his masked was removed, I recognized him. A few days went by before I made contact with the woman who was controlling the scene. After conversing with her, she gave me the email address for this guy and after a few exchanges I scared the piss out of him when I "outted" him in an email. After I fucked with him for a few more emails, I let him know who I was. Today, we exchange emails regularly and not only discuss current events of the world, who we made contact with from high school etc, but we also exchange some conversations, thoughts and ideas about BDSM.

I suppose I have good freakdar. I can be in public and pick out freaks. Not the ones who look it. But the ones who dont look it. Many times I have pointed out someone who I deemed as freaky. Depending on company I am with, many have challenged me to prove it. So being the one to NOT back down from a challenge, I go to work and work my magic. More often then not I am right. And I have collected some hefty bounties for my discoveries and conquers. The biggest pay out being the use of a sub for a week and all the beer I could drink in a year. That was a good year. Hell that was one hell of a week with that sub. I had so much fun with her. The exploits of that week are another post in itself. Maybe one day.... WEG.

Bottom line is, you never know who you are going to run into that is freaky, kinky, or simply into something that might be out of the norm. However, nothing is out of the norm for me. What might be kinky and/or freaky to you might simply be normal for me. When people call me a pervert, I reply, I am a provert, I am a professional at it.

I will inflict the pain, but I will kiss away the tears.


Over the past few months I have been stressed to the max. The biggest contributor to that is work. In my 37 years I have never been as stressed as I have been lately. For Christmas, I went to the beach. Got away from work and drank enough beer to float a battleship, got lost in a book and allowed the beach and sun to recharge my batteries. I came back to work and a lot of the stress is gone, but not all of it.

A few weeks ago, I found out a good couple friend of mine is splitting up. They seemed to have been a happy couple. A loving couple. A fun couple. But he just decided he was done and wanted to move on to someone else. Shocking for a lot of us. Well, me being the good guy I am, I offered a shoulder, an ear, even a fist and ball bat. So far she has taken me up on 2 of the four. However, the stress she is going through is causing me to feel her pain. Not saying it is too much for me, but how long should I calmly sit on the sidelines and keep my mouth shut. Eventually I will snap, and I will say my peace to him. Tell him what a miserable fucking puke he is for doing this. Something tells me he will soon learn the err of his ways. I am not going to dwell on this because I really don't have any control over this. I will simply be the good guy I am and be there for her whenever she needs me.

Well this morning, I find out through a social networking site that this guy my sister has a kid with left my sister at the ER last night while she was getting a pain shot for a migraine to go out with his buddies to get drunk. I am not going to get into the history of this guy and my sisters relationship with him, but I will tell you this, if mom was still alive, she would have already killed him. This guy is the second one to make the "Guys who need their ass kicked" list in the past few weeks. The problem with this one is, he is 3 hours away and I just cant take my lunch hour, catch him in a parking lot and beat the fuck out of him. Ok, maybe I have seen one too many mafia movies.

With all of this said, my stress level is back up. When I stop and think about it, I remind myself of something I always say. "Isn't it funny how life always seems to work itself out?" Well, for once I can not wait for life to works itself out on these last two issues. I can not wait for those that have it coming to them, reap what they sow. I just hope I am there to witness it.

No matter how stressed you may get, it does always work itself out. Exercise patience and wait for that to happen. Sometimes it is over night, sometimes it takes longer. Week or two, maybe a month, sometimes longer. But it will work itself out.

Then again, I could always take my stress out on a pain slut and swing a flogger until my arms lock up.

I will inflict the pain, but I will kiss away the tears.