Monday, June 21, 2010

A lesson learned

The other day I was thinking about somethings. One thing that came to mind is people who think they can handle a spanking. I am not talking about someone in the lifestyle. I am talking about the ones who have no interest in BDSM, but on occasion like to be spanked or think they can handle one. What got me thinking about this is someone asking me have I ever crossed the line and went to far. Well, that depends on the other party and I. I don't think I did. The other party concerned thought so. Here, let me lay it out for you.

Met this couple out one night. She had a genuine interest in the "kinky" things I partake in. They call it a kink. Remember, I am talking about someone who is not in the lifestyle. We had a lengthy discussion about different things. Flogging, paddles, rope etc. She really took to my flogger and the smell of the leather. In fact, I had to grab a handful of hair and pull her head back to keep her from drooling on the soft, supple black leather of my flogger. She didn't like the paddle, but then again, not many people do like those. About 3/8in think, about 8in in diameter wooden paddle. I don't know why? It makes a nice loud sound when it connects with the bare skin of an exposed ass. WEG. On with this couple. So we spent the next few weeks chatting online and discussing things. The more I spoke with him, he just wanted to see her tied up and spanked. He was probably going to sit in the corner and spank his monkey. However, the more I chatted with her, the more I got the vibe she was into this and wanted to learn more.

Well, we met up again out one night and decided that night was the night she would take the flogger and paddle. After getting her worked up it was time. I started out slow and gentle, using my bare hand. Starting with the meaty fleshy part of her ass, I would watch my hand bounce of her ass. No reaction from her. Not a whimper, not a moan. Not even a flinch. I pinched her nipples to make sure she had not gone to sleep and I was responded with a buckling of her knees and a moan. Then again, I was pulling down on her nipples. Anyhow, I stood back up, welding the flogger. Many people were not gathered around watching. Some mesmerized by what was happening. Others interested in what was happening. And a few turned on and biting their bottom lips. Some people are just too fucking squeamish. Anyhow, a few soft swings from the flogger, to get her used to it and to gauge my aim, I widened my stance and took a few half speed swings at her. The sound of the tails whistling through the air caused more the one person to flinch. After landing a few swings, I picked up the pace and intensity. Paying close attention to body language and opening my ears to listen everything seemed to be going ok.

After a good 10-15 minutes of repeated flogging, I took a short break to get a drink and give her a rest. Chatting with her for a few and asking basic questions she seemed to be in a good state of mind. Others coming around and asking about it, does it hurt, can I hold it, so on and so forth. Next she decided she wanted to the paddle. Bending her over the table again, I went into my mind fuck, swatting my leg with the paddle, or smacking my hand on the table. DAMN I LOVE THIS SHIT!!!!!!!! So, I lined her ass up, took some gentle swings to warm her up, and swat swat. One on each ass. Hubby had a HUGE grin. A few others did to. Looking at her face, her eyes were open, she was breathing and she was flush in the face. I asked her if she was ok, and her response was, that wasn't to bad. I think I can handle more.

Building up intensity, I was giving her some fairly decent swats on the ass. No broken vessels. No apparent bruising. Just a good red, hot, goose bumped ass. Until 2 days later when her hubby decided he didn't like it and finally let it out. Long story short, I learned a lesson here. I will be damned sure of who I am going to be playing with in the future. And I will damned sure to think 2 even 3 times before taking on a novice who only has a "kink"

My final thought is this. We all have kinks. We all have likes and dislikes. And we all started from somewhere when it comes to this lifestyle. I will share my opinion on any and everything. I will gladly answer any questions and I would love to train new people. But I will be damned if I will allow myself to be blindsided like that again.


I will inflict the pain, but I will kiss away the tears.

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