Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Hello all.

Lately I have been trying to come up with a topic to blog about.  Unfortunately I am still unable to come up with anything.  I have been itching lately to blog.  So here I sit and not one damn thing comes to mind. 

Today I was on twitter and someone I follow stated they were going to hell and driving the bus.  She asked who wanted to hop on.  I stated I wasn’t allowed in hell, because they are afraid I will take over.  Well that is true.  I mean I am so screwed up in the head who would want me?  Ya know? 

Recently I took the Meyers Briggs test and I scored an ENFJ.  Here is a link to what it says about me.   What’s funny, even scary is, ITS ALL FUCKING TRUE!!!!  http://typelogic.com/enfj.html  I am compared to people such as Abraham Lincoln, Peyton Manning, Craig T Nelson and Sean Connery.  Yes, that Sean Connery, the sexiest man alive.  So FUCK YES, I am like the sexiest man alive.  At least on the inside. 

I just read back through some old post.  I laughed, even shed a few tears.  One thing is my mind is still cloudy, hence why it is hard for me to find a subject and write about it.  Could someone (preferably female with nice tig bitties and who smells good) come blow in my ear and just maybe blow this cloud out my other ear that has my mind so foggy.  I mean I can’t even focus to write something smart ass, or inspiring or even seductive.  HOLY SHIT!!!  Am I getting old and already losing mental capacity?  Quick, someone show me your tits.  NOT YOU FUCKTARD, I don’t want to see any man boobs.  WOMAN BOOBS!!!!

A few months ago I met someone from twitter.  She was strictly vanilla.  Well, not strictly, I mentioned tying her hands up and she did wink at me.  Well, I mentioned this blog and encouraged her to go read it.  HUGE FUCKING MISTAKE.  I make a stupid mistake by giving her the web address to it.  Well, obviously she didn’t appreciate my openness and honesty because she bolted to never speak again.  Well, she did return a text about a month later when I said hi and happy mom’s day.  Then I got the standard line of, “you scare me” and “sorry, not interested anymore, I am seeing someone”    I wonder if I have enough for that cruise around the world yet.

I suppose one thing that has stayed constant with me is who I am.  I am me.  I don’t try to make myself out to be someone I am not.  And to a fault, I am brutally honest.  I have turned a few people away with my honesty.  If you cannot handle it, the tough shit, you’re not for me.  Easy as that.  I might stretch the truth, maybe manipulate or twist things, but in the end I am honest about it.  I always seem to chuckle and laugh at the ones who cannot handle honesty, especially from me.  Sorry, run along fragile ego one who has always been lied to. 

I am going to stop here and post this.  Maybe even link it to twitter.  Thanks to everyone who still reads this blog, if there are any of you that still do.  Otherwise, I will continue to talk to the voices in my head.  I’m thinking of taking them on the road and hitting some comedy clubs.  Surely there is someone out there who will laugh at them besides me.


I will inflict the pain, but I will kiss away the tears.