Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Story time part 4

With trembling hands she reached behind her to unzip the dress she was wearing. With her other hand clutching the top of her dress, she looked at his feet and hesitated for a moment. Long enough for him to quickly reach out, grab a handful of her hair and snap her neck back.

Through clenched teeth, he growled at her, spittle coming from his mouth. Close enough to her face, she could feel the drops fall on her skin, the heat of his breath on her cheek. Looking into those fiery eyes of his, she began to melt in his grasp. “I will only say this one last time. Strip now to your stockings and heels, or I will rip that dress from your body and push your naked ass into the hallway and lock the door behind you.”

Biting her bottom lip, her breath caught in her chest, she loosed her grip on the top of the dress and felt it fall to the floor. Her knees were now trembling as he released his grip on her hair. His voice softening, he said but one word. Good. As he turned away from her to focus on his meal, he said, “And the bra too.” Uncovering the dishes before him, she could sense the smile on his face as for the first time tonight, “Finally, someone follows my orders.” Sitting down at the table, he lays his napkin in his lap, reaches for his fork and takes a stab at the vegetables on his plate. Pouring himself a glass of wine, he finally turns his head to look at her. With a smile on his face, he orders her to her knees and instructs her to crawl to him.

Slowly sliding to the floor, bracing herself on the edge of the bed, putting her hands on the floor, the begins her slow crawl over to him. Only to be thinking, What the fuck are you doing? Why are you allowing him to talk to you like this? Why are you allowing him to treat you this way? As her legs rub against one another, she realizes her body has betrayed her mind and can feel the wetness between her legs. Not just in her crotch, but down her thighs. The rub of her stockings on her legs tantalizes her skin as her lips are tingling from this new sensation in her body. Her nipples ache. Her body is hot. Her face feels flush.

Reaching him, she looks up into those eyes of his. Those eyes of desire. Those eyes of passion. Those eyes…. Those same eyes she saw earlier today at the book signing. Those eyes that told her to come to him. Those eyes of power. Now what? She is on her hands and knees, looking up at him as he takes a bite of food. Should she stand and sit in the chair next to him? Does she stay there until instructed otherwise? What the hell do I do now?!

Looking down at her, he smiles broadly. Taking another bite of food, he puts his fork down and as he is chewing his food, he reaches across the table and grabs the choker chain for her. Looping it together, he turns and bends down and pulls the chain over her hand and around her neck. Pulling her hair out, he reaches down, grabs a hold of the loop at the end of the chain and gives it a slight pull tightening it around her neck. “Please, stand and join me for dinner. Your food is getting cold.”

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LonelyBabygirl said...

I really like this. Though now I have to go find the first 3 parts cause I feel I'm missing key information to this Story time