Thursday, January 7, 2010


A friend asked me yesterday how do I find/meet people in the lifestyle. I simply replied, I just happen to bump into them one way or another. Mostly by chance. For example, my friend who asked the question is a guy I bumped into one day while surfing the internet. One thing lead to another, we had lunch, then dinner, and now we are fairly good friends. We share a lot of common interests in kinks. He is fascinated with BDSM. Sometimes he gets off on the deep dark shit, sometimes he gets off on simply hearing a sub reply yes sir. He is admittaly a novice and could never take it to the level that I have. Actually he is prob more of a sub himself because I really think he sits there and jerks his pud while reading my emails about my experience.

I remember going to a dungeon once and discovering someone I went to high school with in there playing. I walked into a room to witness a scene and there on his hands and knees was a very popular guy from school, getting his ass caned by this towering woman. I didnt know it was him while the scene was going on. I discovered who he was after the scene was over. I was getting up to leave and when his masked was removed, I recognized him. A few days went by before I made contact with the woman who was controlling the scene. After conversing with her, she gave me the email address for this guy and after a few exchanges I scared the piss out of him when I "outted" him in an email. After I fucked with him for a few more emails, I let him know who I was. Today, we exchange emails regularly and not only discuss current events of the world, who we made contact with from high school etc, but we also exchange some conversations, thoughts and ideas about BDSM.

I suppose I have good freakdar. I can be in public and pick out freaks. Not the ones who look it. But the ones who dont look it. Many times I have pointed out someone who I deemed as freaky. Depending on company I am with, many have challenged me to prove it. So being the one to NOT back down from a challenge, I go to work and work my magic. More often then not I am right. And I have collected some hefty bounties for my discoveries and conquers. The biggest pay out being the use of a sub for a week and all the beer I could drink in a year. That was a good year. Hell that was one hell of a week with that sub. I had so much fun with her. The exploits of that week are another post in itself. Maybe one day.... WEG.

Bottom line is, you never know who you are going to run into that is freaky, kinky, or simply into something that might be out of the norm. However, nothing is out of the norm for me. What might be kinky and/or freaky to you might simply be normal for me. When people call me a pervert, I reply, I am a provert, I am a professional at it.

I will inflict the pain, but I will kiss away the tears.

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