Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Therapist Part 1

Here is a new story.

The other day I was thinking I needed to go see a therapist. Why? Because who in their right mind gets off on spanking, torturing, manipulating, harassing so on and so on. Maybe I am right that I get off on being controlling, being manipulative, mean and degrading to a woman. And it’s all those vanilla fuckers who are not right because they don’t get off on it. Fuck, I don’t know. Hence why I think I need to see a shrink to maybe have my head examined. Maybe if a paid professional tells me my melon is not scrambled and that it is healthy and normal to carry on a sick, perverted or proverted, twisted life, then it should be ok. I mean they are the experts right?

So, I decided to let my fingers do the walking. Let’s see, nothing under head shrinks. Let’s try therapists. Hmmmm… Here is one. Dr. Caroline Blevins. And she is close by. I will call and make an appointment.

“Hello, my name is Mr. Smith, and I would like to schedule a time to see Dr Blevins. No, I will be paying cash as my insurance does not cover shrinks. Yes, sorry, therapist. (Got to remember to get out of Dom mode.) No, mornings are no good for me. I would prefer afternoons. 3:30? I can be there then. Thanks see you this afternoon.”

Wow, I like this office already. Not only is she accommodating, but has time for me. And the girl who made the appointment sounds very cute. Ok, damnit, get out of Dom mode. Ok, 3:30 need to make some adjustments to today’s schedule. I can handle that. No problem.

So, its 3:00 and here I sit in the parking lot of the office off Broadway. I arrived early per the instructions of the nice sounding young lady on the phone. Seems I have to fill out some paperwork. BAHH!! Looks nice from the outside. Looks like a refurbished house made into offices. I see a real estate office on one side and Dr Blevins on the other. Well, here goes. Time to go freak a doctor out. Then again, I love freaking people out and watching their reactions.

Reaching for the door knob, I find it locked. What the hell. Oh, duh, read the sign. “Please ring bell to unlock door.” Hmmm. Interesting. Seems like a nice neighborhood. Why keep the door locked at all times? Are there some wackos around here? Maybe it is locked to keep the wackos in. Fuck me. Keep the wackos in? Damn I have an over active mind. RING!!! RING!!!

Through the glass door, I hear someone coming. The click click of heels has my attention. As she rounds the corner, I pull my sunglasses down to the tip of my nose, tilt me head forward and raise my eye brows. Holy fuck, what a hot young receptionist. She looks to be mid 20’s. Dark headed, hair pulled back in a pony tail. About 5’9” with her 4in heels. Nice chocolate brown business suit with a skirt. Cream colored hose. Make up not to heavy but enough to let you know she is wearing it. Nice medium length French tipped manicured nails. Walks with head and chin up, eyes forward. Beautiful smile. Maybe my next victim, err I mean play toy. Opening the door, she stands to the side, next to the door knob welcoming me in.

“Mr. Smith? Hello, I am Brandi, Dr Blevins secretary. If you will follow me please.”

Follow you? Oh most definitely. Mymymymy, what a nice gorgeous spankable ass. I suspect that Brandi runs 4-5 miles a day and works out on a machine at least a couple of hours. Probably in the evening. Need to find out where she does work out. Need to stalk my prey. As Brandi walked around her desk, I stopped in front of it. She handed me an iPad and directed me to a seat so I could get comfortable and fill out the information. An iPad huh? Fancy. I like this Doc already. Modern office. Hot secretary. Obviously electronics friendly.

After I filled out all the information as requested, I returned with the iPad and handed it back to Brandi. Told her I couldn’t pick up any movies on there, nor could I surf any of my favorite web sites. Brandi smiles and says “oh we had to disable the internet on the iPad, too many patients trying to get on juggs.com.

I chuckle and said, “Juggs.com doesn’t interest me. I prefer much more refined sites than that.” That causes her to look up and raise an eye brow, hoping I would go into more detail. Half smile, I turn on my heels and walk back to my seat. Pulling out my phone, I pull up the ESPN app and start checking latest sports news. I get lost in an article about the upcoming NFL season when I realize it is now 3:45. What the fuck. Already 15 minutes late. I look up from my phone and see Brandi looking my way.

“Sorry, I did not want to interrupt you, but Dr Blevins is running a little late. But she will be with you in the next few minutes.”

I gasp in fake shock. “How dare her keep me waiting.” I say with a smile and a chuckle. Brandi looks back down at a note pad and I take in her long luscious legs underneath her open bottom desk. Damn I think I need to show Brandi a good time in order to get my hands on those legs. So sweet, so young and oh so innocent. I notice no pictures on her desk. Single, no boyfriend? No purse anywhere. Not even a cell phone on her desk. Very professional. Obviously very diligent in her work. Even her perfume is not over powering. Smooth dark skin. As they say, her skin has been kissed by the sun. I bet she looks great in a bikini. If I had to guess, I bet she worked at Hooters during college. Her breasts are perky, and nicely shaped. Not overly large and not small enough to not see.

Twisting in my seat and crossing my legs, I let out an audible sigh. “Brandi, is she going to be much longer? I do not want to sit her all day and then be rushed during my appointment.”

“Mr. Smith, you are Dr. Blevins last appointment today, so there will be no rush. May I offer you a drink? Soft drink? Water? Coffee?”

“What I would really like is 2 fingers of bourbon neat. Is that available?”

“Yes Sir it is. Ill be right back.”

Wow. A doctor that has bourbon available for the patient. I like this doc already. Watching Brandi walk away gives me another chance to stare at her ass. I do not notice any panty lines. Makes a guy wonder just how naughty Brandi could be. Things that make you go hmmm.

Returning with my glass of bourbon, Brandi tells me she used my 2 fingers to measure and not hers, otherwise there would be but a few drops in the glass. Glancing at her hand as she places the glass in mine, I notice how small and petite her hands really are. Her long nails just give her hands the illusion of being bigger than what they are. Nothing like a small petite hand to make a guys cock not only look longer, but thicker as well. And in my experience, small petite hands means a nice tight pussy.

“Thank you Brandi. This is perfect to knock the edge off since I have never been to a shrink before.”

“Mr. Smith, a word of caution, please do not let Dr. Blevins hear you call her a shrink, she prefers therapist. Something about the word shrink really sets her off.”

Taking note of that, I smile at Brandi, tip my glass towards her and say I like setting women off. Taking a nice long sip from the glass, I allow the bourbon to settle in my mouth and trickle down my throat. Nothing like a nice smooth bourbon to mellow me out.

Brandi’s phone buzzes; she picks up the receiver and says yes a couple of times before putting the phone back down. “Dr. Blevins will be with you in a moment.”

“Thank you Brandi. I say with a wink and half smile.”

“You are welcome Mr. Smith.”

Did I just notice a slight blush with Brandi? Not in her face, but her neck seems to have darkened up slightly. Hmm. Interesting. Ill file that away for later. Hearing a door open and the sound of heels clicking on the hardwood, I rise from my chair, drain the last of my drink and put the glass on Brandi’s desk as Dr Blevins rounds the corner. My eyes meet hers. Gorgeous almond shaped eyes. Dark red hair pulled up in a bun. Cream colored silk blouse. Glasses hanging from her neck. Black knee length skirt. Black hose and black 4in stiletto heels. The 2 women know how to dress in this office. Although I am sure Brandi takes her cue from the sexy doc here. Extending her hand as she approaches me, the good doctor speaks.

“Hello Mr. Smith, I am Dr. Caroline Blevins. I am sorry to keep you waiting. Please follow me.”

As she turns on her heels, I mumble under my breath. I’ll make you think sorry.

Watching her ass walk away from me, she stops to face me, catching my eye on her ass. “I’m sorry Mr. Smith, did you say something?”

Smiling wickedly, “Just talking to myself, ya know, the voices in my head.”

Stay tuned for part 2.


I will inflict the pain, but I will kiss away the tears.


Anonymous said...

I LOVE this! But you already knew that... It looks even better here on your blog though...



SBF said...

Looking forward to the next installment.
Thanks Aisha :)

Strictnstern4u said...

SBF, I hope by now you have seen the second part to this story.

Anonymous said...

i too bounced here from aisha...i like your writing style...funny, tongue in cheek, honest, sexy.

Going off to find part two...


(omg...my word verifcation says eat ur ...*laughing*)

Anonymous said...

Love the post and love reading from a male perspective. i'm hooked. Off to find part two...