Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Therapist part 2

Damn, if I didn’t know any better I would say that the good doc here is not wearing any panties either. What is up with these 2 women? Not saying it is a bad think they are pantiless. But 2 professional women walking around without panties on… Let’s just say that is different. In fact, I prefer any woman I am with to be pantiless and hairless down there at ALL times. Never know when I might need to tease a clit or test out a cucumber to make sure it will stretch her open nicely. Oh, here is another thought. Are these 2 women enjoying each other in a sexual manner during lunch? You know, licking one another. And they feel that panties are just a waste of time? Oh, I like that thought.

Dr Blevins opens the door and walks into her private office. Following her in, she motions for me to have a seat on the sofa as she closes the door behind me. Nice modern office. Deep pile carpet. Real wooden panels. Seems to be a dark cherry color. Floor to ceiling book shelf to the right filled to capacity with pictures, books, manuals and knick knacks. Women and their knick knacks.

Taking a seat on the sofa, I notice how soft and supple the leather is. This is one of those sofas when you fall back into it, it is not so soft you feel like you are in a pile of cotton, but not too firm that you feel as if you are in a booster seat. Just right. And real leather too. Nice thick leather that has been dyed a dark red. Staying with the cherry theme I see a nice dark cherry stained coffee table between the sofa and matching winged high back leather chair. That must be where the good doc sits during her note taking while some poor sap is laying on the sofa spilling the beans about how he was picked last for kick ball or how the world is closing in on him.

A wicked smile creases my face when my thoughts turn to Brandi on her knees in front of this sofa and lapping away at Dr Blevins swollen clit. Looking down on the carpet I am wondering if there are 2 small indentions in the carpet where her knees would be.

Looking back up, I take note of the very elegant desk that Dr Blevins is sitting at. Another dark cherry piece of furniture, very neat on top. Not a lot of clutter. An office phone, a small lap top, black desk lamp and her chair. In front of her desk are 2 matching chairs, similar to the chair across from the sofa. Behind her desk is a wall with a large abstract painting. First glance it looks like some rabid beaver went wild and gnawed every tree down in the Pacific Northwest. Oh wait, no, it looks like… fuck if I know what it looks like. I am not an artist. Although I do like it. Probably something I couldn’t afford. Some stuck up artist probably fetched 25K for it. Damn, doc makes too much money listening to people spill their like stories. Oh wait, I am getting ready to pay her too. We are all fucked up.

On either side of the picture is 2 large windows, the only natural light coming into the room, but that is dimmed by the wooden blinds and curtains covering the windows. Fuck me. Am I a decorator or a fucking Dom.? Why the fuck am I telling you about all of her fucking furnishings.

“So tell me Mr. Smith, why are you here?”

“Well Doc, it’s like this. I think my brain might be a little out of sorts. I do not have normal thoughts during the day. Or at night. Fuck, what is perceived as normal? Maybe I am normal and everyone else is screwed up.”

“Interesting. Please, continue.”

“Not sure how to say this. My thoughts could be, would be, and should be considered abnormal.”

“What types of thoughts? Sexual? Non-sexual? Thinking the world is square instead of round? You need to be more specific.”

“Well, my thoughts are considered sexual in nature. Some good, some bad, some just plain fucking evil.”

“Mr. Smith, I am a trained and educated therapist. You can open up and confide in me anything you desire. I am here to help you. So, please continue.”

I drift off in my thoughts wondering, how much I tell her. Do I tell her? Well fuck yes, I need to tell her. She is a professional. She will maintain a professional attitude. Although I would prefer she be laid across my lap and let me spank her nice ass.

“Doc, do you know what BDSM is?”

Before she looks up, I can see her body tense momentarily. It’s like she has frozen in time for a split second. She doesn’t say a word, gets up from her desk and moves over to the chair in front of the sofa. Bringing with her a pen and a note pad, she settles down into the chair. Opening a box on the table, she removes a small electronic recorder and checks to make sure it is working.

“Mr. Smith, will you be ok with me recording our session? I want to ensure I am able to refer back to our conversation when needed to confirm past notes etc. Will this be ok?”

“Sure Doc, That is fine with me. I do my best to keep the language professional and G-rated.”

“Mr. Smith, please say anything you wish. If you wish to curse, then please do so. One moment please as I set the recorder up. This is Dr. Caroline Blevins. The date is July 24, 2011. Patient name is Mr. Smith, file #072411D. Now, Mr. Smith, you asked me if I know BDSM is. Yes I do. Please continue.”

“I want you to tell me it’s socially acceptable to be a Dominant. Tell me I am not screwed up in the head. I don’t want you to help me understand that I have wants and needs. I know I have wants and needs. Who doesn’t? So, tell me Doc. It is normal right? Well is it?”

“Tell me about your relationships Mr. Smith. Your tone indicates to me that in your eyes I am a submissive. And that you are in control here. That is interesting. I want to know why you feel the need to talk to me in that manner.”

“My relationships? My relationships from a vanilla stand point… You understand the context of the word vanilla Doc?”

“Yes, go on please.”

“My vanilla relationships are limited. Very limited. I am drawn more to the submissive type. So that is what I look for in a woman. A submissive. One problem I have though is I am able to pick out submissive women at random. Even women who think that they are not submissive, I can tell.”

“Interesting. Tell me how you can determine if a woman is submissive or not.”

“You have heard the expression ‘I have gaydar.’ Well, I have freakdar. I can sense if someone is a freak. Someone who is into kink. If I pick up on it, I will attempt to manipulate and steer the conversation in a certain direction. For instance, the other day I realized a childhood friend of mine is a submissive. We were having a discussion about her job. She told me her they were limited on office space and she choose to work in the basement near the records that were kept. Seemed like the right thing for her since that is her job is making sure all the records and documents are safe guarded and accounted for. So, I made a joke stating, I am sure you love the basement. All that’s missing from any good basement are whips and chains. I got zero response from her.”

Go on Mr. Smith.

“All I heard was silence. So I pushed it a little more by saying, ‘No comment huh?’ and I chuckled. To which I got a giggle out of her. A flirty giggle. Bam. Once thing lead to another and I found out that yes she loves to be restrained and whipped. See my point?

“Yes I do Mr. Smith. Very ummm fascinating that you are able to pick up on those subtleties. Please, tell me more.”

“When my freakdar starts going off then I tend to try and steer conversations in certain directions. I'll drop subtle hints. Maybe illicit a wicked smile from them and play on that. "Oh you naughty girl. Go to my room, you need to be spanked.” That usually will get me one of two responses. An "I don't think so" or a "promise?" I think it all means it is who I am. I accepted that long ago. I am me. I know who I am. I know what I like. For instance. You turn me on. I like the professional look you have today. You're extremely attractive. I have also come to realize that most people in a management, authoritive position tend to gravitate towards a submissive side. It's their dark side. Besides I didn't notice a panty line when you walked me into your office. < Turning to face the doc>. Are you wearing panties? If not, that's very naughty and you should lay across my knee and receive a spanking. I mean after all this is supposed to be a professional setting and you're being a naughty girl in front of your patient.”

“So, umm, interesting you are turning your attention towards me and attempting to speculate about my sexuality. I am fairly certain though, that is not why you made the appointment. So tell me why you are really here. Why did you seek out therapy in the first place?”

I sought therapy to make sure I am not missing a few dozen bolts. I want you to tell me all if normal in my head and that I do not need to be instutionalized. I am not seeking social acceptance. I just want you tell me I am not some social freak. However, now that I am here and I see you and your secretary, I can not help but wonder what is going on around here. Maybe you both need to seek therapy from me. You didn’t answer my question Doc. Are you wearing panties?”

“That is none of your business if I am wearing them or not. Now, please sit back down and let’s get back to our discussion about you.”

“Yes, let’s get back to discussing me Doc. Let’s discuss how I pay attention to details. Details like, the number of times you have uncrossed and re-crossed your legs since we started our discussion. In the past 5 minutes, you have done this 3 times. Is everything ok? Are you feeling a little flushed? Your neck is awfully red. The same shade as your secretary when I winked at her earlier. Now Dr. Blevins, are you wearing panties? And do not make me repeat myself again.”

I… I… Mr. Smith, I am a professional and I will not answer your question. You will conduct yourself in an appropriate manner or I will ask that you….”
“Ask that I what Doc? Ask that I not help you unleash the submissive in you? Ask that I not touch you like this? Ask that I be gentle on the first couple of swats on your naked ass as punishment for not wearing panties in front of a patient?”

“Yes Sir.”

“Yes Sir what?”

“Yes Sir, please be gentle when you spank my bare naked ass as punishment for not wearing panties in front of a patient.”

“Tell me Doc, does it make your pussy wet when you get spanked?”

“Yes Sir it does.”

“I think my time is up now. My address is in the file. If you wish to continue this with me, then be at my house at 8pm tonight. I will leave specific instructions with your secretary that I expect to be followed to the letter. Is that understood?”

“Yes Sir. I will do as instructed.”

“Good girl.”

I walk out of her office and back to Brandi’s desk asking her to write something down for me before I leave. She grabs a pad and pen and assumes a writing posture.

“Title this ‘Preparations for Mr. Smith’ Are you ready Brandi? And please do not interrupt me until I am finished.”

“Yes Sir I am.”

“Number one. Shave every hair from the neck down. There will be an inspection. Number two. Wear black stockings, black lace bra and no panties. Wear at minimum 5in black patent leather stiletto heels. Number three. Hair in a ponytail. High on the head near the top of your skull. Only one hair band needed. Number four. Bring Brandi with you. Brandi, do not look at me, keep writing. Got all of that so far? Good. Number five. Brandi is to be dressed and shaved the same as you. Number six. DO NOT BE LATE!!! Got all of that Brandi? Good. Bye for now”

And I walk out of the office before Brandi can even look up and ask what is going on.


I will inflict the pain, but I will kiss away the tears.


Anonymous said...

You know, I love this. Crossed and uncrossed my legs a lot while reading it...


Anonymous said...


this? was very verrah naughty....

it made me smile, it made me giggle, and it made my friend aisha squirm...

nicely done!


Strictnstern4u said...

Naughty huh? That's my purpose in life. To be naughty. Question is who wants to be naughty with me???