Friday, July 8, 2011

I am me.

It has recently been brought to my attention that I am an asshole. Well, tell me something I don’t know. Here is a new twist on that. I am now an international asshole. Yes, I had a Canadian call me one. So, I plan on wearing that one proudly for a while. That’s Mr. International Asshole now. BOOYAH!!!!

I have been exchanging emails the past week or so with a new fan of me and my blog. We have been discussing many different things in the BDSM realm. Yesterday she really laid the compliments on thick when she told me she really enjoyed reading my blog and how honest I was. She said it turned her on so much reading my blog that she is buying a plane ticket to come see me and give me a world class blow job. She also wants to be flogged and spanked by me. Ok, well, maybe she isn’t coming, and she didn’t offer a blow job, nor did she ask me to flog or spank her. But don’t fucking ruin my little fantasy dammit. I am in my own little fucking world right now. Ok, I need a towel. I am finished.

Seriously though, I have read a few blogs and one thing that I don’t understand is why people hold back what they really want to say, or how they truly feel? Why? It’s your own fucking opinion. If you want to cower to society and let them control you, then you are just a subbie to the world and society. Know what I say to that? FUCK OFF!!! I am me, will always be me, will not change for you. Now, I might present myself in a different aspect depending on the company I am with, you know, exercise discretion and such, but I will not change. I am me. Accept me for me, or hit the fucking door, get out of my way as the SNS train is rolling through. Either shit or get off the pot. Can’t run with the big dog, stay on the fucking porch. You get the idea right? If not, then click the red ex in the upper right and do not EVER come back to my blog.

I am me. I can be an asshole. A son of a bitch. (Be careful calling me one of those, even though I didn’t have the best relationship with my mother, she is/was still my mother and only I have the right to call her a bitch. So if you call her one too, then be prepared for a wrath to come down from ME.) Where was I, oh, son of a bitch. I can be a bastard. Piece of shit, pile of dung, bile from a pig, whore, fuck head, penis breath, and the list goes on and on. And I am sure there are some I have not heard because those pansy ass chicken shit bastards are to fucking scared to say it to my face. BUT!!! I am also a wonderful, thoughtful, caring, compassionate, loving, protecting, adorable man. Well maybe not adorable. I can be your best friend, or your worst enemy. But, I am me. Accept me or move on. I don’t have time nor a place for fence straddlers. There is no in between with me.

In today’s world, it is real easy to be someone else. Hell, I can sit right here in front of this monitor and make myself out to be a some Greek God. Make myself 6’4”, ripped and toned. Gods gift to women. Or any other lie I could come up with. But I am not like that. One thing that really pisses me off is people pretending to be what or who they are not. I have a vanilla friend (although, I think she has a freaky streak, just haven’t had the chance to explore that just yet. There is a slight problem with distance; she is about 1500 miles away. DOH!!!) Who is a gorgeous woman. Model looks, slamming body, awesome personality and rates HIGH on the boner scale. In fact, she has her own boner category named for her. This friend has had her online identity stolen. There is another woman who has stolen her pictures from the internet, even created email addresses that are similar to hers and made herself into my friend. Why? In order to be someone you are not? I mean get a fucking life.

I admit, I have been played by someone like this. I am sure we all have. But why be that way? Is it really worth it? Does it make you feel good about yourself to act and be someone you are not? People like that are bottom feeders and will say and do anything to try and get ahead. I say try, because eventually it will come back around and take a bite out of their ass. However, it is not worth it to me to chase these fuckers down and give them a piece of my mind. Hell, on second thought maybe I should, and then they can better themselves. Wait, second thought, nope. Aint gonna do that. If I gave everyone a piece of my mind that needed it, then I would be a dumb bastard. One because I gave it all away, and second because I gave it all away. DUH!!!! BIG RED TRUCK!!!!

One lesson in life I have learned is that you can not please everyone. I try to please others the best I can. I do compromise for the common good in life. That doesn’t mean I am going to change who or what I am to please everyone. But I will accept middle ground in best interest of keeping peace amongst the natives. That doesn’t mean I am going to stop rocking the boat, because I never will. Just means, I know how to choose which battles to fight and defend. Remember, I am me. Accept it or leave.

Bottom line is this. We are all different and unique in not only our own minds, but in the eyes of the world. In the eyes of our friends, family, co-workers, even the eyes of our children. You can either choose to mask that uniqueness, or learn and love to embrace it so you can share it with everyone else. It is up to you. Not me, or your friend, or your neighbor, your subbie or your Dom. It is up to you. So why not express yourself, BE yourself and LOVE yourself. Be who and what YOU want to be, not what others want you to be. If you are a subbie, then be a subbie. A switch? Be that switch. A Dominant? Be that. But whatever you are, be who you are. Don’t choose to be something your not and hide behind it.

In closing life is too damn short to try and be something your not, or to hide behind a monitor. Don’t mask yourself. Be yourself. Show the world who and what you are. Be who and what you are. Live life with no regrets.


I will inflict the pain, but I will kiss away the tears.

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you're so hot when you're angry LOL