Wednesday, July 13, 2011

New story

Damn, it is just fucking hot outside. I swear I think hell must be freezing over, because all the fucking heat is here and not in hell. Today was just one of those days. Driving home, the local radio personality says it is 96, 96 at 5:30 in the late afternoon. DAMN it is going to be a hot, humid muggy night. And to beat it all, it is fucking bumper to bumper traffic. Damn road construction. And to make matters worse, I need to get to cleaners to pick up some clothes, and stop by the store for some milk and bread crumbs. What the fuck has she done all day? She doesn’t work. We have no kids. I am sure she has been laying by the pool, getting her tan on. Probably went and had sushi with one of her many girlfriends, maybe even a mani pedi. Hell, for all I know, she is probable lounging in her pants that say babe or sexy across the ass, hasn’t had a shower all day and probably still laying in bed.

That’s what I get for going through my “mid-life” crisis at 43 and having a relationship with a 24 year old chic. I say mid-life because that is what my ex-wife labeled it when she filed for divorce few years back and tried to take me to the cleaners. HA!! Joke was on her. I didn’t force her to have the affair with the gardener or the pizza boy. I wasn’t the one who was taking her boy toys out shopping and fucking their brains out in the back seat of her car in the parking lot of the department store. Damn it felt good to watch my attorney throw the stack of pictures down in front of her and her attorney at their office of all these sexual escapades we uncovered. The look on her face was priceless as I sat there with a half grin on my face and mouthed the words “fuck you” at her when she looked at me.

So what did I do? I did what any other middle aged man does. I had my mid-life crisis. Hey, if I am going to be accused of it, I might as well have it. Right? So I took a 2 week vacation to recover and get over my divorce. (That’s what I told them at work anyway.) So off to the Virgin Islands I went. Living in a bungalow on the beach for 2 weeks sure can clear a mans head, and empty his balls. Yes, empty my balls, especially when you have 2 or 3 girls a night hanging on your arms when you go out on the town at night. Hell if this is what a mid-life crisis is all about, I might make it a life long crisis and enjoy it.

After a week of sun and fun, I was sitting on the deck of my bungalow overlooking the lagoon I was in reading my book and drinking a cold beer when she came walking by. A gorgeous, blonde headed, toned body, skin kissed by the sun woman. Being the typical man, I pulled my chin down, lowered my sunglasses and watched her walk by. Damn I love watching a woman’s ass shift from side to side as she walks in front of me. And holy fuck did she have an ass. Watching her walk down the beach brought my cock to attention. Once she disappeared down the beach I went back to my book, however, I was unable to clear the image from my memory bank of her ass.

After sometime and unable to clear my head, I tossed my book to the side and took off running straight to the water and the waves crashing in. Diving head first into the water I swam until my breath gave out and came up for air. Swimming back towards shore and walking out of the water, I stopped dead in my tracks as I watched her enter the bungalow next to mine. A sly grin creased my face as a plan came together. Being the hospitable neighbor that I am, I went to the cooler, grabbed 2 beers and walked over to say hello and offer her a beer. To my surprise when I walked up on the deck of her bungalow, out walked a man several years older than I and asked if he could help me. Remaining calm, I introduced myself and offered HIM the beer. We chatted for a bit about work, where we were from etc etc, all the while my eyes searching inside for her. Once the beers were empty I made my way back to my lounge chair and book.

A couple of days passed by and a couple more nights of partying and all I could think about was my Barbie doll next door. Yes I named her Barbie. All the girls, all the flirting, all the beer, all the rum and all I could think of was her. On the last night of my trip, I was packing my things up and heard a slight rap on the door. When I opened the door, my eyes took in the most beautiful sight imaginable. There stood Barbie. All 5’10” of her lean frame, her sun kissed tanned skin, her deep green eyes, and her smile that would blind the men on Mars. In her hand were 2 beers and she was offering one of them to me when I came to my senses and heard her saying for what could have been the third or fourth time, “Would you like a beer?” I stumbled with my words and said sure, why not and invited her in. Offering her a seat, I retreated to the kitchen in search of a bottle opener. Returning, I noticed she had taken a seat and her long lean legs seemed to stretch forever. Opening her bottle, I could not take my eyes off of those legs and wondered what waited at the upper end of those supple thighs.

I asked her if it was ok that she be over here, I did not want to upset her husband/sugar daddy. She laughed very loudly and very long and when she caught her breath, she looked at me said, that the fat old man that I met that day was her father and he was long gone back to the states. After I chuckled, and removed my foot from my mouth, I wanted to leave the room and kick my own ass for being a total dick and not ask him who he was to her. She went on to tell me she had been there all week by herself, had not left her bungalow, no partying, no nights on the town, not even going out to grab a bite. Only time she left was to walk the beach and go for a dip. Damn, had she gone swimming naked at night? DAMNDAMNDAMNDAMN!!!!!! When I asked her why not, she told me she just ended a 4 year relationship with the man who was going to buy her the moon and stars blah blah blah. What I wanted to do was grab her up in my arms and kiss her. Well, wanted and doing are two different things.

That was a year ago I met her. And we have been inseparable ever since. She even flew home with me. So here I am pulling up at the house after a long hard day after stopping by the cleaners, the store and whatever else the fuck I needed to do. If I find her ass out by the pool, I am liable to toss her ass in. I mean for fucks sake, why did I have to do it. Sometimes she really pisses me off. Walking through the garage, I stop by the beer fridge, grab a cold one and twist the top off. Walking out by the pool, the only life I see is the vacuum running and cleaning the bottom of the pool. Hmmm. Walking back into the house, I see there is nothing cooking. Through the living room and nothing. I do notice the house is spotless. That’s a nice change. Not saying she is a slob, but on occasion I will see a glass of wine left out, or a pair of shoes lying around.

Walking up the stairs to the bedroom, I notice the carpet is freshly vacuumed. Not one foot print is on the plush carpet. Into the bedroom, I start pulling my tie off and toss it on the bed. Unbuttoning my shirt, I notice the light on in the closet. Maybe she is in there. Nope. Nothing. Tossing my shirt into the hamper and pulling on an old tee, I decide I am going to head to the basement and my personal man cave and prop my feet up and have another beer.

Walking down the stairs, I wonder where she could be. Her car is in the garage. I haven’t noticed her purse anywhere. In fact I can “feel” her in the house. Hmm. Opening the door to the basement, I can hear music on. AHH Maybe she is down here working out. Or lounging in the sauna I had put in last month. A smile creeps across my face as I imagine her naked body all glistening with sweat and water inside the sauna. We need to screw in there. Turning the corner I freeze in my tracks. There, hands on the back of the sofa, ass high in the air is my Barbie. She is wearing her high school uniform. Green plaid skirt and white button down shirt. DAMN THAT IS SEXY!!! I also notice her black stockings and heels. My brain tells me this is going to be a great night. I walk up behind her and pull her skirt up to reveal a bare naked ass. I rub my cold beer bottle up the crack of her ass and watch as the goose bumps rise on her skin.

This is a pleasant site to come home to baby.

You won’t be happy when I tell you what happened today.

With that, the smile disappears and I step away putting the beer bottle down on the table and reach for the ping pong paddle on the nearby table. With out saying another word, I know she is like this ready to accept her punishment. What she has done, there is no telling. Last time she backed into the carts at the store. Another time she knocked over a vase at the antique store. And there was the time she left the windows down in a down pour. So many little things, but all because she was too busy flirting with another man, or yakking on her cell and not paying attention to what was going on. Stupid things that only made things worse. She knew the drill when she got in trouble.

Pulling her skirt up, I swiftly swatted each cheek of her ass three times with the paddle. Rubbing her ass, I could feel the tightness in her muscles because she had tensed up before each swat. Looking at her hands, I notice she has curled her fingers around the cushions of the sofa.

Do not dig your nails into my leather and cut it.

Yes Sir. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 Sir.

Counting like a good girl I quickly strike again. This time a much harder swat to each cheek. 7, 8 Sir.

Put your hands behind your back and your chest on the cushions.

As she moves her hands to the small of her back, I grab both wrists in my left hand and squeeze tightly. Pushing down on her back and pinning her in place, I start my barrage of swats on her ass. So fast and so hard, she has no time to count. After 10 on each cheek, because I DO count, the only sound I hear is her sobbing and sniffling. Pulling her upright and into my arms, I toss the paddle on the sofa and wrap my arms around her. Her sobs becoming louder and deeper as she melts into me. Rubbing her back and stroking her hair, I ask her what she has done this time. As she starts to tell me, I breathe deeply because I know the last two swats are going to be the ones that are considered attitude adjusters for what she did today.

I ALWAYS save two just in case they are needed.

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