Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Be careful of who you challenge.

Recently I went out to a local club and was hanging with some friends. It’s always great going out with friends. Mingling, drinking beer, enjoying laughs and hitting on each others wives. the last time we all went out, we were having a grand ole time. Met a new couple, a nice young couple. Oh how I like nice young couples. Especially when the conversation turns towards BDSM. Turns out he is somewhat new to the lifestyle. I admit, chatting with him some, he has what it takes. The young lady who was with him that night might be a different story.

One thing I find interesting in a lot of people is their need to challenge one another. “I’m going to kick your ass!!” “I can beat you in a game.” “No one spanks harder than so and so.” This one I like. Especially when at the club and hearing people say that when they find out I like to spank some ass. At first people would laugh, roll their eyes and give me that “yea yea’s”. I think they now know I back up with I say. More often than not, people do not know what they are getting themselves into when they meet me and attempt to challenge me.

Back to this particular young girl new to the lifestyle. She quickly received some education from me about humility and keeping her mouth shut. The conversation was going along the lines of what do you like, exchanging laughs, joking, telling stories etc when she decided to open her mouth and tell me she has no limits. “Honey, everyone had limits.” She assured me, that “I have no limits.” Ok, that caused me to roll MY eyes. The other lady that was with me, a Domme, she put her hand on my arm, because she knew what was coming next.

I chuckled; evil laughed and kept my mouth shut. Yes, I kept my mouth shut. The best things come to those who wait little one. We chatted more about this and that. Things to do to her nipples, ways to bind her wrists etc. The four of us engaging in friendly conversation and banter back and forth when the boyfriend/Dom stated he wanted to see his girl on the stage and dancing. She insisted she was not going to dance on stage, would not do it period. End of discussion. Pausing mid smile, I cocked an eyebrow and said, “Oh really?” My Domme friend tried to step between us and push me away because no telling what was going to happen next.

I made the comment, “I thought you said no limits?” She responded with that’s right or something along those lines. Are you sure? Positive. Ok, so just to make sure I am clear, you have said you have no limits… correct? And again the answer was yes Sir, no limits. Now that giant evil grin flashed across my face. I turned to the boyfriend and asked his permission to test this theory of no limits. He nodded and said sure. I said, if you have no limits, then why are you refusing to get on stage. Nothing. So you are still standing on your words of “I have no limits.”? Yes Sir I am.

Let’s just say she never made it to the stage, she ended up in a puddle on the floor sobbing because her stubbornness got her in trouble. I heard from him the other day. He tells me things are a lot better between them. Even growing. He is having a lot of fun play time with her and she is a very obedient little subbie.

Be careful of who and when you challenge someone. You just might bite off more than you can chew. I am not one to really challenge someone. But I will do my best to excite you and push you to be better, bolder, work harder, be more attentive etc. I am sure there is someone out there who can flip me in a challenge, but I have yet to come across that person. But if I do, all I can say is, clear the city, there is going to be a throw down that night.

Oh, and by the way. Is there anyone who wants to challenge me? WEG.


I will inflict the pain, but I will kiss away the tears.


Anonymous said...

That's pitiful - the sub who wants to say she doesn't have limits, and then refuses to dance on the table. Just silly.

And no, I definitely don't want to challenge you... not at all...


Alice said...

I was in a challenging mood, until I read this.

And I agree with aisha, it's silly to say you have no limits and then refuse to follow through on that. Guess she learned she has limits after all.

lil poppet said...

Maybe it's not about limit's..she's a new submissive NOT experienced. I've found that some submissive's generally have low self esteem, not all but some. Shaking your ass at a BDSM club like a piece of meat when you have low self body image(and new to the scene) isn't about limit's ..it's about how they view themselves. Before you say she's hot and thin.Think for a minute, how it's not about YOUR view, it's hers.
Of course a new submissive is going to say she has no limit's. How can someone new to BDSM experience everything kink has to offer too even know what her limit's are. She would have to be open, experience it for herself and then decide what kind of limit to place, if any at all. For you to think it was even a challenge to you or about you, when she said she wouldn't dance for her Dom. is so arrogant. Then you belittle her and make her cry?? great way for you to treat people and a good way to ruin a new submissive. She hasn't changed for her Dom. because of your put downs(more arrogance on your part) Congratulations! You've just reinforced her views on her body image and made it even lower than before if that's even possible.
ps challenge you.. no, first off you would have to be worthy of a challenge (flicks lint off my shoulder and quirks my left eyebrow)

Strictnstern4u said...

Well lil poppet, why dont you tell us how you feel. I sense some anger in your post.

Let me start by saying, you are right. It is not about me. Arrogance? Of course. Dont we all have and express some? Just some have and express more than others. It is what makes us unique. Right?

However, let me say this. You were not there to see this. Well, maybe you were. I dont know. I can tell you this though. I did not belittle her. I did not put her down. I taught her a lesson. Her Dom and her both see this and understand this. The lesson learned was that we all have limits and it was arrogance on her part to say she had no limits. Sometimes you have to know someone off their perch and then pick them up to help them see this, learn from it and grow.

The only thing I reinforced with her was the fact that she should think before speaking. If she had self image issues, I dont think she would have been there in the first place.

As for saying I must be worthy of a challenge? I am very worthy of one. However, it seems YOU are the one demonstrating some arrogance.

Thanks for reading and sharing your view and opinion. I truly did enjoy it and appreciate it very much so.

Strictnstern4u said...

errr... knock, not know someone off their perch. Damn I should had proof read my comment before publishing.

lil poppet said...

Ahhh..maybe a lil arrogance (smiles like an angel).. but then I'm a defender. My hackles rise when someone need's defending and just get's bashed by all and sundry.

Yes,new people have to learn but in a nurturing way. Taking her Dom. aside privately and having a one on one conversation about his sub. That would have shown that your the more experienced Dominant. That would have proved you the better person for taking that route.. instead you choose a path that's not so appealing..remember other submissive's watch you and judge you on how you treat other's..there may come a time that the submissive of your dream's may just pass you by and you'd not even know it because she saw how you interacted with other submissives..and that would be truly sad for you.