Friday, August 26, 2011

Am I a masochist too?

Recently I started working out with a personal trainer. I thought I was a Sadist and got off on inflicting pain to people. Not everyone mind you, just the slaves who crave some pain. But then again, I can be a sadistic bastard and just fuck with your mind and not actually inflict any pain. I do have SOME masochist’s tendencies in me. For example, I broke my crop on my own leg.

Here is the scene. I have a submissive, bent over a wooden sawhorse. Knees, ankles, elbows and wrists tied to the legs of the saw horse. Ass high in the air. Ball gag in her mouth. I am walking around her teasing her skin with a feather. Swatting her with the crop every so often. Nice little crop prints all over her body. As I walk around I am slapping the side of my calf with the crop at a rapid fire pace. When all of a sudden, the crop swings lighter in my hand and the top of the crop is replaced with the tail of a whip. Looking at the crop, I realize I have just broken the shaft in half and the other end of it has flown some 6-8 feet away from me. What do I do? Reach for another? Grab my wood paddle or spoon? No. I scream out fuck and say I just broke my favorite crop. A moment passes by and the next thing I hear is what I think is a giggle. Looking at said subbie bound to the wooden sawhorse, I see she is shaking. Not shaking from fear, but shaking because she is laughing uncontrollably. Removing the ball gag, I ask her what is so fucking funny. She replies that she has never had a Dom break a crop, especially on himself. One hard slap on her ass fixed that laugh real quick. But quickly she replies, well, if that’s what it takes to get a good ass slap, I will laugh AT you more often. Followed by a giggle. Next followed by my knife. My knife cutting the ropes and setting her free. She pouts. Scene goes on for more, but I wont go into more details yet.

Back to the masochists in me. So, like I said, I have been seeing a personal trainer. And after the first hour long session, I now realize he is one sadistic bastard. The fucker has doing things and working out muscles that I didn’t know existed in the human body. And I got an A in anatomy and physiology in college. Right now, my arms are so sore, I couldn’t pick up a length of rope and tie that submissive to the sawhorse if my life depended on it. My thighs are still burning from the squats on the rack on TUESDAY!!!! 3 days ago. Hell, I bet my cock and balls are probably sore. Just haven’t had to do anything with them to find out if they are able to move. But you know what. DAMN IT FEELS GOOD. And to beat it all, I scheduled appointments 3 weeks out with this guy. Yes, I am masochists as well as Sadists. Just don’t ask me to spank, flog, or even tie you up right now because I just can’t.

Are there any good subbies out there willing to give me a weekend long massage?


I will inflict the pain, but I will kiss away the tears.
(Although right now, the only pain is in MY muscles, will you kiss them for me?)


SBF said...


Alice said...

Haha! I laughed out loud reading the story of you and the sub. I'm not sure just one slap to the ass would have stopped the uncontrollable laughter I would have had.

I totally get that good workout pain... it's so wonderful, even if you feel like you can't move at all after, feels so good.

Anonymous said...

That is a great story! I can just imagine your poor sub I think I would have had to laugh too. And I'm sure I would have regretted it later too... :-(

A personal trainer, huh? I can't imagine doing that, I guess I'm not a masochist, right?


lil said...

Lol, can you really blame her for laughing? It sounds like one of those golden rare opportunities that couldn't be passed by.