Thursday, August 4, 2011

Did you fart? Part 2.

This morning I was browsing another blog. This blog belongs to someone who has read mine. Hers is quite interesting, erotic and funny. Funny because I am cruising the title section of her blogs and my eyes freeze in their gaze when I see one titled Fart. Instantly I click on it and before I am half way through it, I am laughing my ass off. So much so, I had to stop reading and wipe the tears from my eyes. Absolutely hilarious to read her little story about the time she farted on her Dom.

So I got to thinking after reading this. Some of the comments she received along with what was happening to her brought up a point. Sometimes you are going to fart while engaged in a sexual activity. You know, fucking? Either a cock or a dildo or even another persons fist inside you can cause air to become trapped, this creating a passing of said air that was trapped between your pussy or ass wall and the object that is being inserted and removed repeatedly in an in and out motion. Get the picture? Most men love pussy farts. Makes them feel empowered when that can cause a woman’s pussy to fart.

I remember being a kid and my step dad laughing so hard from farts I thought he was going to die from lack of oxygen. We would go fishing, I could cut one in the boat and he would lose it. Once we were watching SNL and they did a skit with this doctor who had bottled farts. Holy fuck I had never laughed so hard in my life. I don’t remember if I was laughing at the skit or at him for the way he was laughing. Great memory.

There is a website called You should check it out. I have used it before here at the office and made a few people think I have broke wind. Plus there are some awesome videos on there too. Check out the dinosaur fart.

Fart is natures way of releasing built of pressure. Either pressure for all those beans you ate, to the pressure of the Dom’s cock fucking your cunt. A fart is a fart either from your pussy or ass. LOL. Unless of course you do a crop dusting then all bets are off.


I will inflict the pain, but I will kiss away the tears. Unless of course its tears of laughter from farting in my face, in which case you just have a plain ole ass whipping coming.


Anonymous said...

Funny... and i'm pretty sure women are taught to view farts quite differently - at least in my day.


Anonymous said...


Your post was hysterical...thanks for turning my post into a whimsical walk down memory lane...

you are such a guy!LOL!

(i have 3 boys so farts are not the same level of "daintyness" for me anymore!)