Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The one that got away.....

Lately, my life has been on a roller coaster that I described in an earlier post. I want to thank everyone for taking the time to read my blog, commenting on posts and sending me well wishes. I have chatted/spoken with all of you and everyone agrees I should go public with my blog. I am going to post a link on my collar me profile and hope I gain more readers. Several of my posts as of late have been inspired by you, the readers. This post today is going to reflect on more experiences of my own.

When I first moved to Lexington, I didn't know a soul except for the people I worked with. I surfed the personal sites both lifestyle and vanilla seeking new friends. On one site, I started a friendship with a young woman in Northern Ky. We chatted a lot, both on the computer and then via phone. We formed an instant bond and after a time we decided to meet for the first time. I drove to her area, met her for dinner and enjoyed some laughs. We had instant chemistry. Eventually the day came we decided to push it farther and I went to her house. I admired her for her hard work and determination. Here was a 24yo young lady who was a new home owner and had drive and ambition to work and get what she wanted in life.

That night, we had fun with bondage, flogging and paddling. We also did a lot of sensation play while she was blindfolded. Ice cubes, wire brush, a horse brush and even my metal flogger. One thing in particular that stands out from that night was how she never hesitated to do anything I asked of her. I had her standing in the middle of the room, a large wooden dowel across her shoulders with her arms strapped to it. She looked as if she was on a cross, but without an upright. We used these very small clamps on her nipples. They looked very similar to a small stock. but instead of putting your head in, her nipple fit in their perfectly. Using the wing nuts to tighten the wood down made her nipple stand out. The look of pain in her eyes, her trying to breath through that pain, just fueled me on. Talk about my emotions feeding off another. I was on fire. My mind raced, my heart pumped and my grin was more evil then before. I remember using a wheel on her skin. Up and down her back, across her ass. Down her legs, picking up her foot, and running the wheel across the bottoms of her feet. As I came back up the front of her body, I had her spread her legs and ran the wheel across her smooth hairless crotch. Paying very close attention to running the wheel over her labia lips and across the hood of her clitoris. She was biting her lower lip so hard, I thought she was going to bite right through it. I noticed she had stopped breathing so as I stood, still running the wheel across her stomach, I whispered into her ear in a low husky voice "Do not stop breathing. Take a deep breath and enjoy the sensations." Her mouth flew open and inhaled deeply as I ran the wheel across her breasts. I removed the blindfold from her head and stared into her eyes. The fire and lust in her eyes was so intense. The look on her face was one I had never seen before. Animalistic does not even come close to describing it. I had stopped the wheel on her left nipple. She returned the look into my eyes and leaned forward to try and kiss me. When I pulled away, the evil smile on my face, I noticed she had pierced herself on the wheel. As I pulled the wheel away to look at the blood on the spike, she leaned forward, bent slightly and licked the blood from the spike. I turned away from her, placing the wheel on the table and reached for my knife.....

I am going to stop there. I don't want to tell everything about my adventures. Lets just say I made a HUGE mistake letting this one get away. Last I heard, she was married, had one kid with another on the way. I guess you could say that is the fish that got away.

Again, thank you all for reading my blog.

I will inflict the pain, but I will kiss away the tears.

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