Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I once had a domestic slave

I was sitting here looking at my desk this morning and thinking what a freaking mess it is. End of year reports, sales reports, hell I even have a report on how often an employee is late. (thanks to one of my coworkers) As I am looking at this, I am thinking, wouldn't it be nice to have a domestic slave. That reminded me of a female servant I had once. I remember we were talking one night and I expressed how I hate cooking for one and cleaning my apartment. I kept a tidy place, but cleaning the kitchen, doing laundry, dusting... You get the point. She offered to come by and clean my apartment. Do laundry on her days off. She even volunteered to get all the dust bunnies from under the bed. All she asked in return was an occasional play. The first time she came over, I was a little under the weather. As I slept in bed, under the warm covers, she did a thorough cleaning of my apartment. Cleaned out the stove. Even hauled my clothes to the laundry mat. When all was done, she made me a pot of home made soup. YUMMM!!!!!!!

She did such a fine job, the only way I could repay her was to have good long session with her. All the stops were pulled out. Clamps, rope, chains, flogger, crop(which broke over her ass), hell I even pulled out the cane. When play time was over, I was dripping sweat. My shoulders were sore from swinging the flogger. I wonder if I can put a "swing counter" on my arm to tell me how many times I swing a flogger. My final act before cutting her free, I took my 1/4" wooden cane and swatted my first initial into her left ass cheek.

I wrote in my previous blog about aftercare of a submissive after a scene. Let me touch on that a little more here. When we were done, I used a soft cotton towel to wipe the sweat from her body. I then took her to the bed, laid her face down on the bed. I then took some vitamin E lotion and gently massaged it into her red and swollen ass. Her hot skin soaked it right up. I took some warm cocoa butter and massaged her lower back and shoulders. Slowly and firmly kneading her neck and shoulders. I then moved down to the backs of her legs, making sure to spend a lot of time on her calves and feet. As she relaxed, I could see her breathing slowing down. She was taking longer and deeper breaths. When I finally heard the faint snore, I knew my work was done. After I showered, I joined her in bed, making sure to roll her onto her side and holding her in my arms as she enjoyed a good deep sleep.

See, I am a nice guy. Take care of me, I will take care of you. Many of you know me and know I am a nice guy. I always believe treat others the way you want to be treated. Fuck with me, I will fuck with you back. If I treat you with kindness and respect, I expect the same in return.

I miss my domestic slave I had. She was a great thing. She ended up getting transferred to another state with her job. I considered moving to the same town, but soon realized that the long term chemistry between us was not there. From time to time I hear from her and I know she will be reading this entry. She by far was one of the good ones. She still is one of the good ones.

My final thought is this. In this lifestyle, there are many types. Some good, some bad. Domestic slaves, pain sluts and hard core Sadists. Everyone is unique in their own , sometimes quirky ways. Everyone brings something different to the table. I enjoy making new friends in this lifestyle. Discussing ideas and views with others. By now, you know I love friendly banter and in depth conversations. Just because you read something in her about me doesn't mean that is me to the core and there is no compromise. I am a compromising guy. I am flexible. I can be fun and kidding. But I can also be strict and stern. I can be a teddy bear of the biggest asshole of all time.

I will inflict the pain, but I will kiss away the tears.

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