Friday, February 27, 2009

Surrender part 2

This morning I engaged a friend in conversation about my previous post of surrendering vs submission. I think I totally blew it the first time. I examined it from a Dominant's perspective and not a submissives. She enlightened me on the submissive side of this topic. To her surrender is not giving herself up to another, but to herself. Surrendering to who/what she is. Surrendering to her feelings. Discovering she is a submissive and subcoming to that. Surrender through discovery.

In a sense I have surrendered myself to being a Dominant. I discovered many years ago about this lifestyle. I did some reading, talking with others, even personal exploration as a Dominant and as a submissive. I didn't know where I fit in, so I explored. It was at my first play party that someone confirmed what I felt and believed, that I was Dominant and not submissive. That I was not a switch. I was all Dominant and will always be Dominant. So I surrendered to my true feelings, my true calling as a Dominant.

In this sense surrendering is a subconscious act. Giving in to yourself and who you are. Many times a natural submissive will discover this lifestyle and it brings a feeling of being complete to their life. Or a natural Dominant for that matter. For example, I was just chatting with a friend yesterday, who is in this lifestyle and she commented about cooking dinner and being a friend to another younger submissive. She commented, "that's the mother hen in me" A typical natural response to life, then discovered, that there is a name for that. Submission.

My final thought is this. Thank you for bringing this to my attention. I am/was stupid for not thinking of this. When I was originally asked to blog about this, I was closed/narrow minded and only could think of the negative aspect of it. Instead, I did not consider the positive side. Thank you for telling me the positive side. It is nice to have friends.

I am always willing to listen, converse, banter, debate etc with someone as long as it is done in an intelligent manner. Please, do not be afraid to message me or comment on any of my postings. After all, I don't bite...... hard.

I will inflict the pain, but I will kiss away the tears.


ka said...

Thank you so much! You hit the nail on the head......

a submissive finds herself through the assistance of her Dom....

she surrenders to herself, feeling secure enough in his hands and entrusting him enough to take her on that journey.

Thank you for helping with this!

Strictnstern4u said...

You are most welcome. Glad to hear I am getting through to someone.