Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Reading someone.

OMG..... ANOTHER POST??? 3 in one day?????

Yes it is. I got to thinking about the soccer mom thing and something triggered in me. There is a "soccer mom" I know and every time I see her at a ball game or out and about, I tell myself. Something about this woman intrigues me. I have a feeling she is submissive. I remember once someone telling me about biblical submission. A woman is a submissive to her husband who is defined as the lord and master of his home. Now that I think about her, I truly believe this is her. She is a beautiful mom. A MILF by definition in my book. Now I wonder if she knows anything about my kind of submission? Maybe it is time to start dropping hints and see what happens.

I am sure some of you are asking, "How does he know this? My freakdar never picks up on this." My wife asks all the times. 9 out of 10 times I am right as to whether that person is a freak or not. Call it intuition. Same as I can tell when someone is thinking about something. Its a blessing but also a curse. The ability to read another person is HUGE in this lifestyle. As a Dominant, if I am unable to read the other, how do I know to push farther, to stop or better yet, to explore?

Its not always words or a smile or even a wink. Look for facial expressions. Change in color of their skin. Their eyes. Are they fidgeting? Leg bouncing? Shallow breathing? I'm not going to give away ALL of my secretes, but the next time you are with someone, study everything about them except their words. But pay attention to what they are saying. For example "I like to spank others" coupled with a wink, or a broad car salesman smile could mean they thinking that a smack on the ass while in the doggie position is kinky. How ever, if they wink, provide a stern look, sit forward in their chair or even change the tone in their voice might indicate they are a little more in tune to the lifestyle.

My final thoughts on this subject is that you should always be aware of the person you are conversing with. Watch their body language, listen for the tone in their voice. Even look into their eyes. You never know what you will find.

I will inflict the pain, but I will kiss away the tears.

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