Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Story time

She was a beautiful woman. Her makeup was always perfect. Her clothes always looked as if they were tailored specifically for her body. Her hair looked to be fresh from the salon. Her dark hair cascading over her shoulders. Never a hair out of place, nor on her clothes anywhere. She looked as if she constantly used a lint roller. Her nails were manicured to perfection. Her smile could brighten the skies on a dark and storming day. Her eyes were as green as the grass on a championship golf course. Her perfume would intoxicate any red blooded, testosterone filled man. Her skin was smooth and creamy. Her legs were long enough to stride stairs two at a time without effort. Her ass was firm. All those steps in aerobics had paid off. Her breasts were perky. Her nipples the size of erasers and slightly pointing up. She had no cosmetic surgery. She was a walking Barbi doll. She was blessed with good genes in her family. Her mom was Miss Universe in her days. Her father, the best athlete in his day. She didn't choose modeling or even athletics. She choose education. As she aged, she went into business. Her ambition was business woman of the century. She was well on her way with running a multi-billion dollar company that she started while in high school with 100 dollars her father gave her as start up capital. Now she was the most well known business woman in the world.

She WAS the most beautiful, most elegant woman in the world. She was single, never married. She was the most eligible woman to ever walk the earth. But why?

She has a man in her life. No one knows about him though He is your typical, everyday male. Hard working, trusting, youth volunteering, church going man. One day while she was at a book signing she noticed him standing off to the side. She wondered if his wife was in line waiting for her to sign her book. She was distracted by this man. Something told her that she needed to say hello. To introduce herself to him. He was standing with such confidence. She just..... just couldn't take her eyes off of him. Her breathing became shallow. Her heart raced. Her face flushed. A voice called her by name. She turned to see a woman holding a book open for her to sign. The woman spoke, "That man over there sure is a handsome man. Do you know him?"

"No I don't. I need to meet him though." The words coming from her lips sounded like a girl going through puberty. Her voice cracking. Her mouth was dry. She swallowed hard. Reaching for a bottle of water she took a drink. Signing the book, she looked up with a smile and thanked the woman for buying her book. Before the woman could take the book back, she looked again for this man. He was gone. She turned her head more, looking, searching. He was no where to be found. "Would you like for me to introduce you to him?" The words caught her off guard. Her head snapped around. Her pony tail whipping like a horse swatting at flies. "You know him?!?"

"Yes he is... he is a dear friend of mine." She didn't know how to address him in public like this. The author took a piece of paper, scribbled her number on it and handed it to the lady. Please ask him to give me a call this evening. I would love to meet him for a drink."

The lady took the paper and disappeared into the crowd. The day went by in a blur. All she could think about was this man. She could not get him out of her mind. She signed books. posed for pictures. But she does not remember doing this. When the day was done, she was back in her suite at the hotel. She needed a bath. She needed to wash the grime of the day off of her skin. She took the phone with her to make sure she didn't miss the call from the mysterious man. As she settled into the hottest bath she could draw, the bubbles high, candles burning. The smell of lavender in the rub flooded her nostrils. She settled back, resting her head on the pillow on the side of the tub. Her thoughts went to this man. Wondering who he was. Wondering what it was about him that was consuming her every thought. She sighed. Not having a man in her life was starting to irritate her. She was at the age that she craved companionship on a personal level. She thought more about him. He looked rugged, yet refined. He had broad shoulders. Dark hair. Strong facial features. She gently bit her bottom lip. Her hands sank below the bubbles. Her left hand going to her erect nipples. Her right hand settling between her legs. Just as she inhaled when her hand cupped her bare pussy, her cell phone rang. Jumping, she splashed water out of the tub. The phone got wet. She grabbed for a towel to dry her hands off. Grabbing for the ringing phone she prayed that she hadn't ruined it.

Her voice trembled as she answered. "Hello?"

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erin_tyrn said...

Who is on the phone? Come on now you can't just leave it hanging like a dropped call...can you?