Monday, April 20, 2009

Story time part 2

Her heart was racing as the word rolled off her tongue. She closed her eyes and bit her bottom lip waiting for the caller on the other end to speak.

In a soft, gentle deep voice, the man on the other end asked. "Good evening, is this Megan Morgan?" He sounded as if he was in the other room. She sat straight up in the tub and in a nervous voice responded. "Yes, this is she. How may I help you?"

"You tell me. You are the one who sent your number to me."

She stopped breathing. Her heart skipped several beats. Her eyes wide open with fear and excitement. She switched the phone in her hands as she bit her bottom lip. "I, errr, you, ummm, I'm sorry, you sort of caught me at a bad time. May I call you back in a few minutes?"

After a few seconds, she asked the question again. He answered, "No, you may not. I will be in the hotel restaurant at 8pm. Meet me there for dinner. I will have a table by the window." The line went dead. She didn't move for 30 seconds. The thumping of her pulse in her ear brought her back to reality. Looking at her phone, she realized she had 30 mins to get ready. She thought to herself, what am I going to wear? I haven't shaved my legs. I need to wash my hair. Not enough time. The hair and legs will have to wait. She got out of the tub, grabbed a towel and dried off. Pulling on her robe, tying it tight around her waist, she hurried off to the closet in her suite to see what she could wear. As she walked past her bed, she stopped dead in her tracks. Laying across the bed was a red dress, black stockings and red stiletto heels. A strand of pearls where in the open jewelry box by the neck of the dress. There was an note on top of the dress. She grabbed the note and held her breath. She thought to herself, where did all of this come from? Opening the note, her eyes widened. It was a check list of things to do before meeting him. She spun around twice in fear. He was in here. He WAS in the next room when I answered the phone. She reread the note again.

#1 shave every bit of hair from your neck down. I will be performing an inspection.
#2 wear what I laid out for you.
#3 don't be late.

She looked at the clock. 7:35 She has 25 minutes to be downstairs. She rushed off to the bathroom. Turning the water of the tub on, she went over to her travel bag and grabbed her razor and shaving cream. Lathering her legs up, she dipped the razor under the scolding hot water. Starting at her ankles, she pulled the razor up her long lean legs. Across her strong calves. Rubbing her hands over her legs, she checked for anymore stubble. Smooth as a newborns ass. Rushing back to the mirror, she applied her makeup. Spraying her perfume on her neck and stomach, she glanced at her phone. 7:50 She had to hurry. Pulling the stockings over her legs, she smoothed them out. Her heart racing. Her breathing fast, she ran her hands between her legs. Touching herself, she realized she had not shaved her pubic area. No time now. Standing up, she went to her lingerie drawer and pulled out her favorite panties and bra. A red lace matching set. Slipping into her panties and hoking the bra, she stepped back to the bed and pulled on the dress. It draped down to her calves, split high up her legs. Turning and looking to the mirror, she could see her stocking tops. Very sexy and daring. Stepping into the heels, she grabbed her phone and hurried out the door. Hurrying down the hall, she looked at her phone once again. 7:57 She was just going to make it.

"Where is the damn elevator?!?!?" She kept punching the down button. Looking up she could see the numbers counting up showing where the elevator was at. "Hurry!!!!" As she stepped into the elevator she glanced at her phone yet again. 8:00 Her heart stopped. She was going to be late. She prayed that her watch was slow. Punching the ground floor, she bit her lip again. Down the elevator went. Stopping a few times. The men getting on could not help but stare at her. Looking at her reflection in the doors of the elevator she smiled and thought, I truly am beautiful. The elevator came to a stop on the bottom floor. Not waiting for the doors to fully open, she was out and into the lobby. Entering the restaurant, she looked at her phone once more. 8:04 Cursing under her breath she bit her lip again. Looking around, she spotted him where he said he would be. As she walked over to the table, he stood and pulled her chair out for her. She smiled a nervous smile, took her seat and together scooted closer to the table. As he walked around to sit down, she looked him in the eyes and said "I am sorry I am late, the eleva.." He cut her off, "I don't care about the elevator, we will discuss your punishment later. Would you like a glass of wine?"

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