Friday, April 17, 2009

Biblical submission

The other day I met a new friend from Collarme. She complimented me on my blog. As the day progressed, she mentioned something that got my gears spinning. Biblical submission. I remember one time, in my first marriage, my wife and I were having a discussion about the bible. Hold on, I am not bringing religion to my blog. So dig your panties out of your ass and keep reading. First let me preface this by saying I am not an expert on the bible so don't ask me for chapter and verse where this is discussed, because I don't know. Somewhere in the bible it references biblical submission. The way it was explained to me is the man is the head of house, he makes the final decisions concerning all to do with his house and family. The wife becomes a submissive to the husband. Hence, biblical submission.

Over time, I can see where this has been stretched, manipulated, twisted etc. The wife becomes the stay at home mom. Cooking, cleaning, having and caring for the children etc etc. The man is the bread winner. He ventures out daily to his job, brings home the money to pay the bills. You get where I am going with that. Back to my friend and what her and I discussed. She referenced the man should be head of house and it his duties to care of all concerned when it comes to the home. Submissive included. My comment back to her was "Kinky biblical submission." She agreed that is what she was seeking.

After taking sometime to think about this, it got me thinking there are many many levels of submission. It is all in interpretation of submission. Some Dominates look at submission as a doormat. Ok, not some. A LOT!!! Don't get me started. One, women who are submissive are not doormats from beginning. Unless it is something they seek, desire and discuss with their Dominate. Some Dominates, such as myself, treat submissives with respect. A submissive will know their role in this lifestyle. Such as a woman knows her role in a biblical submission. Many times people have the idea that submission is a bad thing. A sign of weakness. I am here to tell you it is not. Submission is a beautiful thing and should be treated as such and respected. A submissive is as good as their Dominate. The better their Dominate treats, respects, builds, nurtures and trains their submissive, the better they become. I know many submissives who are extremely successful. One good friend, lives in Florida and has multiple businesses she owns and started from her own bare hands.

Biblical submission is just another lifestyle that people choose to live. The woman knows her role. The woman accepts her role. Does it make her less of a woman? No. Should she be treated as less that a woman? No. Today's society has gotten away from biblical submission due to the women's movement in the 60's and 70's. Today's woman is a successful business woman. Head of Fortune 500 companies. Women are now in the military. Governors and Mayors. Women hold position of power. Hell, we almost made history in the last election. Women are strong, powerful, and intelligent.

I have a very good vanilla friend who is a very successful business woman. Hell, my wife is like this. These 2 women believe that men should not cook, clean, do laundry, cook or do anything like this. It is a woman's job. Many times I have been run out of the kitchen while warming up leftovers. These 2 women rush home after work, do laundry, cook dinner, fold clothes, clean the kitchen etc after putting in a full day at work. I admire them for thinking and feeling it is their responsibility to do these things. Do I try to change them? HELL NO!!!! Anytime I can sit on my ass and not do a damn thing, I am grateful. Seriously, with my wife doing all these things, it opens me up to do more things.

My final thought is this. The lifestyle is all around us. It is referenced in the bible. People just need to open their eyes and look around. It is there. It amazes me how many different times I see and can incorporate BDSM into my everyday life. I remember when I introduced my wife to this lifestyle. her first question was "Why?" My first response was, because it is who I am. But I also explained it this way. Imagine the strongest bond between 2 people. Imagine their love for one another. Now multiply that a bazillionmillion times. I once saw this in a BDSM couples eyes one time. Communicating without having to utter a single word. Knowing when it is enough. Or to push more. The mental connection. The emotional connection. But until I find that, I will enjoy taking a woman over my knee and spanking her.

I will inflict the pain, but I will kiss away the tears.

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