Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Meeting others.

The other night I went out with my wife and some friends to a local club. Several of our friends were already there and more showed up later. The music was loud. The beer was cold. The titties were plentiful. I met a few new people that night. One couple I met were new to the club. New to me at least. I had not seen them there before. They were young, exciting and good looking. What caught my eye with them was the mini flogger she held in her hand. Not too many times do you see someone wielding a tool of my trade at a club. Let alone out in public. After eyeing her for a few minutes and discussing her with a couple of friends, I decided to approach and see what she intended to do with her mini flogger.

She eyed me coming up to her and as I leaned on the railing that separates the dance floor from the seating area, her husband/boyfriend pulled her closer. He must have felt threatened by me. Why? Hell if I know. I asked her what she had in her hand there. Before she answered, she swung it at me and the tails landed on my forearm. When I didn't react, jump, wince or show any other surprise, she swung it again and again. Finally I asked her what she was doing and she said she was showing me what it was. She then tells me she loves her new toy and what she paid for it. I am one to never pass up an opportunity so I told her I have 2 very nice leather ones at home. Would her and her husband/boyfriend like to check them out. The look on their face was priceless.

Sometimes I get more enjoyment out of the look of horror and shock on peoples faces when I let them in on the dark side of me. Back in the fall I was at this same club and I brought my flogger with me. Many of the people avoided me like I had a weapon of mass destruction with me. However, there were a few who approached me and inquired about what I had. I gave a few demonstrations that night. Even brought one over to the dark side. Conversing with many of these people I usually get the same story. The other part of the twosome is not into BDSM, spanking, bondage, etc and I am so intrigued. I want to learn more blah blah blah. I love meeting new people and discovering that there is some freak inside of them. They just need help bringing it out.

Many times it is by accident I meet a lot of people who say they are into some of the same things as me. A few times on purpose. Like I have said before, you can see it in their eyes if they are really into this. The look of lust. The glassy eyes, the partially open dry mouth. The shallow breathing.... all signs they like what they see. I have the uncanny ability to read people. It is a blessing and a curse. I tell people this and they always say... "OK, tell me what I am thinking." Well duh, you are thinking, this guy cant read me. After we are done laughing about it, later on I will tell them what they are thinking at that moment and that's when they tend to amazed. They always ask, how do you know that? How do you do that? Its just me. I don't know. I just can.

Some people are more difficult to read then others. Some have a wall up attempting to hide something from their past. Their hurt from the past will not allow them to open up. Until they decide to let their guard down, open the door in their wall, they will not get past their painful past. Sometimes it is physical, sometimes emotional. All the time it is hurt they have. Too many times I have heard stories from others over their emotional, physical and mental scars they suffered at the hands of another in this lifestyle. It really pisses me off when I hear about the predators that are out there. The ones who do not have the experience and think it is all about beating the shit out of the other. Someone once told me abuse is what the other makes of it. Wrong. Abuse is what the controlling one does to the other. It is not an opinion or an interpretation. Abuse it what it is. ABUSE. I am not going to go off on a tangent here, but check back in the future for a post about abuse.

My final thought is this. People in general are a strange breed. My kink is someone else's taboo. Their kink is expected with me. So on. When people are comfortable in their own skin, in their element, in their surrounding, they usually let their guard down and let the inhibitions out. Don't be afraid to express yourself. You never know when I might be lurking in the room. I am always observing people. I love it. If I do approach you, don't be afraid. I wont bite..... hard.

I will inflict the pain, but I will kiss away the tears.

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futuresub said...

Interesting. You mentioned in this blog that you would have a future post about abuse. I for one would be interested in knowing more about the difference between it and this lifestyle, if you don't mind sharing. I'm pulled toward this lifestyle in a way that is stronger than I ever would have believed possible. I need as much information as I can get my hands on. Thanks for your blog, it helps.