Friday, January 23, 2009

First severe punishment.

That Saturday morning, I was awaken by my submissive. it was a cool morning outside in the early spring. March I think. The sun was brilliant in the sky. it was going to be a gorgeous day. She was such a good obedient and attentive submissive. Per my written instructions I was to be served breakfast in bed. Not only did she prepare my eggs the way I liked but she also me fresh fruit, wheat toast and a glass of fresh squeezed orange juice..... OK, she didn't, but damn I can wish for it. Instead she woke me in a more adult manner. A manner to cause a man to curl his toes and grip the sheets. As of this entry, she is the only submissive, hell woman for that matter to ever wake me this way. Nothing like having a woman/submissive dump a glass of ice water on your back. Who the hell needs an alarm clock when you have a bitch dumping ice cold water on your back? Go ahead and laugh. Enjoy it at my expense. No really, it is OK. I am not bitter or upset. I was FUCKING PISSED OFF. I was in raged. I was ready to kill the bitch. Who wouldn't be?

Don't worry, that bitch got her punishment all right. Ever seen a submissive cry in pain, I mean true pain??????? To this day, she is the one and only who has ever suffered that severe of a punishment from me. I had her squat, her lower legs at a 90 deg angle to her thighs, place her back flat against the wall, arms straight out in front of her, parallel to the floor, palms up and holding two glasses of ice water, one in each palm. She was to stay that way for 30 mins or until I finished showering and shaving. So it took me a little longer that morning. I took an extra long hot shower to warm myself up. When I came out of the bathroom, she was squalling. Eyes so puffy and red from crying, snot dripping from her nose and her mascara running down her cheeks...... I stepped to her, took the glasses from her hands and she fell to the floor. Exhausted. As she rolled over onto her stomach to stretch her legs, I dumped both glasses of water on her back and left her in the bedroom. I fixed my own breakfast that morning, read the paper and took the dog for a walk. When I returned, she was still laying in the floor sobbing. She crawled to her knees, knelt before me and apologized for being so cruel and evil to me and vowed that she would never be so again. I pulled her to her feet, held her by her shoulders. She was barely standing on shaky knees and trembling thighs. I did scold her once more. I did kiss away her tears. I lead her to the bathroom, started a hot bath for her, even put in bath salts. Placing her in the tub, I washed her from head to toe. Bathing her body. Caressing her tired and sore thighs. Towel drying her off, she leaned into my body, nuzzled her wet hair against my chest and began sobbing once more. Holding her tight, she stuttered through another apology. That evening, while snuggled on the couch watching TV, she told me she had never received such a severe, sadistic and cruel punishment like that. I smiled, kissed the top of her head and told her, "Then lets make sure we don't ever do that again. Understood?" I could feel the smile come across her face as she proudly and boldly said, "Yes Sir."

Yes I know, I am one cruel evil bastard. Thank you. Would you like to dump a glass of ice water on me, waking me from a sound sleep? What? No? Why not? Are you not brave? Come on, you would enjoy the laugh, seeing me bolt straight up in bed. Still no? I thought so. Its all fun and games until a submissive dumps ice cold water on a sleeping Dominate Sadistic mother fucking bastard like me. Yea yea, I hear ya. "That is just wrong. W R O N G I tell ya. Tell me something I don't know OK?

My parting thought is this, do not do anything that will get you in trouble unless you are ready to accept the punishment. No matter how severe. In all honesty, I do not like punishing a submissive. I prefer to reward, be positive. I don't want to have to be mean and have to punish or chastise. I like being a good guy, being a nice guy. I love telling a submissive you have done an excellent job, made me happy etc etc. I don't like getting upset, and having to enforce a punishment. So don't force me to be a means bastard. Don't force me to be a Dominate Sadistic mother fucking bastard.

I will inflict the pain, but I will kiss away the tears.


kate said...

I never what to make you mad, plus that's a strange thing to do to someone.

Skye said...

Yep, not planning on making you mad. Of course, I have a hard time getting you aggravated, so I know it takes a lot to get you mad, anyway.