Monday, November 24, 2008

Thinking back.....

I was just sitting here rereading my first post on here and reflecting back on my experiences when something hit me. I know I posted about reading a story and it peaking my interests, but it goes back further then that. I believe I was 18 or 19 at the time. I was in college and worked part time for a Doctor in my hometown. When I say working, I did odd jobs for him, helped his wife in the garden etc. His wife was my first crush. An older woman, nice big firm tits. She stood 5ft on a tall day and she wore a size 2. Her tits were a 38d. I remember these things because I went through her under ware drawer once. Yes I know. I was a little deviant in my youth. Hell I still am, just wiser and more fucked up. I remember one summer, his wife and I had been working in the garden. It was a early in the summer so it wasn't too hot just yet. We had come in for a bite to eat. After eating, she was laying on the sofa complaining of her back hurting. I asked her if she needed a back rub to which she replied that would be great. I walk over to the sofa, kneel down and start gently rubbing her shoulders. Yes I know, that isn't her back but remember I was young. Let me get on with the story, I am getting to her back. Sheesh. Anyhow, she responds by telling me how good that felt but that the stiffness was in her lower back from all the bending over we were doing in the garden. Her big tits weren't helping I am sure, but she never said that. So I moved down her back and started a slow deep rub on her back. After a few minutes I noticed she was gently humping the sofa. I could see her hips rising and lowering. I got daring, rested one hand on the back of her thigh while still rubbing her back. She didn't tell me to stop or move my hand. I moved my hand higher and then finally under her shorts and instantly sank 2 fingers into her dripping wet pussy. She instantly reached back, grabbing my wrist firmly and began humping my fingers. My other hand reached forward and started groping at her breasts. I remember looking down at the tent in my shorts and seeing my cock pressed against the side of the sofa. Just as she was reaching for my cock, the phone rang, scaring us both. She jumped up, hurried to the phone and answered it. I bolted out of the room. I was scared and nervous. Later that day, we were back in the garden and working away. Neither of us saying anything about what happened. She went into the garden shed for something. She hollered out for me to come help her with something. Reluctantly I went to help, but when I walked in there, she was standing there with her hands on her hips. She said we need to talk about what happened a while ago. She was telling me how wrong that was, I am younger then her, she is married blah blah blah. All I could think about were my fingers in her cunt and now I wanted my cock in her cunt. I walked towards her, grabbing her by the shoulders to kiss her, but she pulled away and slapped me across the face. Instantly she began to apologize and said she didn't mean to. She leaned into me, wrapped her arms around me and began sobbing telling me how her husband doesn't make love to her anymore. All he wants to do is fuck and get his cock sucked. I smiled and wanted to say, whats wrong with that? While I had my arms around her, my cock started growing again. She reached into my shorts and began to stroke it gently. She looked up at me and told me how she loves to be taken by a big strong man. She looked me in the eyes and growled at me to fuck her like an animal. Picking her up and throwing her down on a bag of fertilizer, I ripped her shorts from her body. She clawed at my back as I thrust into her.

Not wanting this to be a porn story, I will tell you that when it was said and done, she was cooing and nuzzling against me. Thinking back to that, I now realize that she was/is a submissive. She has the traits and characteristics of one. If I could go back to then with the knowledge I have now, who knows where that would have gone. A couple of years went by after that day before we had another fling. Her and her husband had started a business on their land and I was working for them. One day she asked me to help her with something at the house, away from the business. When I walked into her garage, she was immediately on her knees and trying to get my cock out. She was rough with me and responded when I was rough with her. Long story short, remembering back, that was my first time as a Dominate. My first experience with a submissive. The bad thing is, I didn't know it at the time. If I could go back to that day in the living room, while rubbing her back, things would be a lot different.

Thinking back.......... Man, the power I had at such an early age.

I will inflict the pain, but I will kiss away the tears.

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