Wednesday, November 16, 2011


So here I sit reading my own blog hoping for some inspiration to write and I just can not find it. Lately I have been driving down the road or someplace where I do not have access to a computer or a note pad and a subject will enter my head that would make a good blog post. But I end up forgetting. I am too young to be forgetting things. Maybe it is all those hits to the head when I played football.

I was reading about concussions a few years ago and one of the symptoms of a concussion is blurry vision and a head ache. So, when I visited the doctor for a check up, I was asking him questions about it. He confirmed that is true, then started asking me questions if I had a concussion, taken a blow to the head etc. I said sure, when I was in high school. LOL. I told him, that I played my entire football career with a concussion if headaches and blurry vision is a symptom of it. I always had a concussion. Maybe that explains my forgetfulness. Now, don’t think you can try to pull something over on me and when I say I don’t remember, you are not allowed to say it must be your concussion and forgetfulness. Not going to work.

Last night I was working out and I was talking to my sadistic trainer. I told him last night I thought he was a sadist and all he could do was laugh. Now I wonder if he is in the lifestyle because he never really commented anymore about it. Then again, because he didn’t comment, maybe he is NOT. As a matter of fact, there is a good excuse why I haven’t blogged much lately. My arms are too sore and tired from working out. Yea. YEA!!! That’s it. That’s the excuse. LOL. Last night while working out, there was a young female working out with another trainer that kept catching my eye. She had one of those asses that you could bounce a bowling ball off of. Nice, round, firm and plush. YUM YUM!!! Guess where my mind was? Yes, that’s right. My mind was in my head. You win a treat. Good job.

I ran into a friend from the lifestyle a couple of weeks ago at the store. We chatted about life in and out of the bedroom. Conversation drifted to scenes and paddlings. She told me her hubby was making paddles out of metal. Me being the freak that I am asked for a couple. I am waiting on my order to be filled. A nice metal paddle. I can not wait to use one on a sub.

Not too long, but very short. Just some ramblings in my head today to appease those of you who are thinking “I haven’t seen a post from him in a while.” Well, here ya go. Enjoy. And yes I am talking about you. Yes you, the one chuckling and thinking he must be talking about someone else. I am talking to you. Yes you. I love getting into peoples heads and making them smile for no reason what so ever. Only think I love more, is getting in their head and watching the cringe and curse themselves for letting me into their heads.

I am going to be a rebel today and not proof read nor spell check. Damn, I am such a wild hellion. LOL


I will inflict the pain, but I will kiss away the tears.


Alice said...

Oh my, I guess you were really talking to me because I definitely did notice you hadn't written in a while and wondered if I would see a post from you ever again! And you did make me smile.

I've never had a concussion, that I remember, but I am so forgetful. Right now I blame it on pregnancy brain, but when I'm not pregnant I blame it on Mommy brain... is that a good excuse? As good as the concussion excuse?

Strictnstern4u said...

See, I knew someone was thinking that. Damn I am good. LOL.

Pregnant? Have I mentioned I have a fetish for pregnant women??????

Alice said...

Do you really? Or are you messing with me? Either way, I'm hardly a thing of fantasy right now what with my being in pain all the time, and barely being able to move, and of course the pregnant waddle...

Strictnstern4u said...

yes I really do. You can email me pictures to


Alice said...

There's something you can write about! I'd be very interested in what exactly that means, having a fetish for pregnant women.

(Sorry, no pics. I know my husband would be very angry if I sent pics. You'll just have to use your imagination!)

SBF said...

Nice to see you are writing again. You would think that trainers would be sadistic and in the life but I have found that are just vanilla - I like to ask lol!

beingaisha said...

Nice to see you back - I was wondering.


sassypants71 said...

Good to see You back!! Miss chatting!

sassypants71 said...

Good to see You back!! Miss chatting with You!