Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Readers Comment

Below is a comment that was published about don’t challenge me. I want to say that I do enjoy and treasure feedback and comments like this. Am I upset with this comment? Not at all. I love reading your opinions and even more so, treasure the fact that someone does have a different view and opinion from me. Nothing wrong with expressing it and I encourage everyone else to express theirs either in comments to me or anything else. I will not hold you back nor condemn you for sharing and expressing. Below her comment is my response.

Maybe it's not about limit's..she's a new submissive NOT experienced. I've found that some submissive's generally have low self esteem, not all but some. Shaking your ass at a BDSM club like a piece of meat when you have low self body image(and new to the scene) isn't about limit's ..it's about how they view themselves. Before you say she's hot and thin.Think for a minute, how it's not about YOUR view, it's hers. Of course a new submissive is going to say she has no limit's. How can someone new to BDSM experience everything kink has to offer too even know what her limit's are. She would have to be open, experience it for herself and then decide what kind of limit to place, if any at all. For you to think it was even a challenge to you or about you, when she said she wouldn't dance for her Dom. is so arrogant. Then you belittle her and make her cry?? great way for you to treat people and a good way to ruin a new submissive. She hasn't changed for her Dom. because of your put downs(more arrogance on your part) Congratulations! You've just reinforced her views on her body image and made it even lower than before if that's even possible. ps challenge you.. no, first off you would have to be worthy of a challenge (flicks lint off my shoulder and quirks my left eyebrow)

Well lil poppet, why dont you tell us how you feel. I sense some anger in your post. Let me start by saying, you are right. It is not about me. Arrogance? Of course. Dont we all have and express some? Just some have and express more than others. It is what makes us unique. Right? However, let me say this. You were not there to see this. Well, maybe you were. I dont know. I can tell you this though. I did not belittle her. I did not put her down. I taught her a lesson. Her Dom and her both see this and understand this. The lesson learned was that we all have limits and it was arrogance on her part to say she had no limits. Sometimes you have to knock someone off their perch and then pick them up to help them see this, learn from it and grow. The only thing I reinforced with her was the fact that she should think before speaking. If she had self image issues, I dont think she would have been there in the first place.As for saying I must be worthy of a challenge? I am very worthy of one. However, it seems YOU are the one demonstrating some arrogance. Thanks for reading and sharing your view and opinion. I truly did enjoy it and appreciate it very much so.


I will inflict the pain, but I will kiss away the tears.

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