Wednesday, June 29, 2011

8 year old Dominant?!?!?!

Ok, I blogged once before that I thought my first Dominant experience was when I was 18 or 19. I lied. Something triggered a memory this morning and I have been a Dominant as far back as when I was 8. YES 8!!!! Now before you get all perverted on me and scream kiddie porn, read the rest of the happenings.

When I was 8, the ‘rents went out one night and they hired a babysitter. She was a neighborhood kid, about 15 or 16. Not someone I normally hung out with for obvious reasons. Although, to go back then with the knowledge I have now…. Damn I would have been a stud at the age of 8. LOL. Back to the story. This was not her first time babysitting me so it was all good. This particular time I remember being bored. Nothing on TV to watch, no movie or anything. So I shyly asked her if she wanted to play a game. (The more I type this, the more vivid the memory is. WEG) I remember being shy, not knowing “how” to ask or anything. She pushed me and I finally said, lets play a made up game called “kidnap”. Ok you fuckers, when you are done laughing I will continue. Got it all out? Well, hurry the fuck up. Ya know, fuck it, go laugh in the corner while I finish.

So, I asked, “wanna play kidnap?” She agreed and asked what she needed to do. I said I would sneak up behind her and put my hand around her mouth and she would pretend to go to sleep. Hey, it happened on TV that way. Remember, I was 8 at the time. So, I walked up behind her, put my hand over her mouth and she went to sleep. Well, I couldn’t drag her anywhere so I asked her to get up and walk to the bedroom where she laid down on the bed and “went back to sleep.”

From there instinct took over. I remember finding some rope and tying her hands to the bed post. Afterwards, while I looked at her I thought, what do I do now? Hell, here I am 3 minutes into my game and didn’t know what to do. So I pulled her shirt up over her face exposing her bra and tits. Yes, that’s right fuckers. I was 8 and on second base. BOOYAH!!!! But, also, being 8, I did not know what the fuck to do from that point. DAMNIT!!!!! I wish I knew then what I know now. I would have done so much more. Instead, after a few minutes of staring at her chest, I pulled her shirt down and untied her. Told her I did not know what else to do. Looking back…. WHAT A FUCKING IDIOT I WAS!!!!! Damn, here I was 8, had a 16yo girl half naked and tied to my bed. I could have been dipping my wick.

Go ahead and laugh. But guess what. I was 8 and on second base. You were 8 and playing with GI Joe and the kung fu grip, or riding your bike in the neighborhood. So, your laughter is jealousy because I was getting tit while you didn’t have a fucking clue about girls. SO KISS MY ASS!!!!! HA!!!!

Thus, my earliest experience with BDSM. Damn, can I claim that I have been experimenting with BDSM for 30 years??? Ya never know. I just might.

Anyone wanna play kidnap?????? WEG


I will inflict the pain, but I will kiss away the tears.

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