Thursday, August 13, 2009

Story time part 3

Pouring her a glass of wine, she was reaching for it before he could pull the bottle away. She drained the wine glass and gently settled it down on the table. When she looked up, he was holding his glass in the air to offer a toast. She felt the heat in her face and neck as the embarrassment came over her. "I'm so sorry, may I have another glass?"

He looked into her eyes briefly before setting his glass down. Picking the bottle up, he poured her some more wine. Before he finished, he said "Do not touch your glass until I have picked mine up." Placing the bottle in the center of the table, he reached for his. Raising his off the table, holding it in the air, he gave her permission to reach for hers. In a nervous twitch, she practically lunged her hand for her glass. Knocking the glass over, spilling her wine all over the table. He was out of his chair, looking at his lap. Red wine on a light grey pinstripe suit was not good. The waiter was at their table before he could look up. Offering his towel to help soak up the red wine that spilled on the white linen table cloth and on his suit. She sat there in utter shock as to what just happened. Biting her lip, she felt sick to her stomach. He looked up, smiled at the waiter and said "No worries, I will simple go back to my room and change. Accidents happen, don't they honey?" Looking at her, but with fire in his eyes, she smiled and nodded yes. He set his glass down, reached for his wallet and pulled 2 crisp 100 dollar bills and stuffed them into the hand of the waiter. "That should cover the wine. I will order room service for us both. Have a good evening. Come dear, lets go get me out of this suit."

Rising from her chair, her knees locked and she couldn't move. He reached for her hand to pull her away, but her feet wouldn't move. A gentle tug of her arm, brought her into reality and she started to move. Her head was swimming. She felt as if she were walking on air. Leading her to the elevator, he pulled her close while waiting for the doors to open. He leaned down and growled into her ear, "Hell of a way to start the night, don't you think?" Before she could answer, the chime of the elevator arriving silenced her and the doors opened. As the other couple exited, the woman stared in disbelief at the wine on his suit. He simply smiled and said, no worries, I didn't like this suit anyhow. Stepping into the elevator, he punched the button for the top floor and waited for the doors to close. With a jolt they began to rise. She turned to him and opened her mouth but the words would not come out. He put his finger to her lips to shush her and at the same time he spoke and said "not a word until I say so."

The elevator came to a slow stop and the doors opened on the top floor. He stepped out and walked briskly away. For a heartbeat, she thought of staying in the elevator and riding it back to her floor. But instead, her feet failed her and she stepped out. Walking quickly to catch up he stopped at his door and inserted his key to open up his room. Holding the door open for her, he motioned her in first. Following her in, he directed her to the plush high back chair by the sofa in his suite. Closing the door behind him, he turned to see her staring at him. He smiled in a wicked, yet seductive way and walked off to the bedroom. She stood and walked around the suite. Checking out the view from the top floor, she could see way up into the mountains beyond the city. When she turned around, he was standing in the doorway admiring her beauty. She smiled again, blushing slightly. This time she had her wits about her, when she opened her mouth to speak. "I am so very sorry for being late and spilling the wine. I will gladly pay for your dry cleaning or buy you another suit if it is ruined. I normally am no...." but before she could finish, he raised in hand bringing her to a halt. "Look, accidents happen. However, accidents are also unacceptable. So far, you have 2 strikes against you. One for being late and the second for spilling the wine. There is no need to be nervous. I am just a man that has an interest in you. A man who was looking forward to spending a quiet dinner with a beautiful woman such as yourself. However, that is now ruined. So instead of dinner, we can discuss the reason why you gave me your number.

Looking him in the eyes, she stood upright, inhaling deeply and gathered her thoughts. "I wanted to meet you because you caught my attention today. There is something about you that is drawing me to you. You have this magnetism about you I can not seem to escape. Looking at you, something told me I had to meet you. I gave your lady friend my number in hopes you would call and we could meet."

He thought for a moment and threw his hands up. "Here I am, you have met me. First things first, she is not a lady friend of mine. She is a woman who desires to release and submit herself to a man like me. By day she is a strong, successful woman. By night, she is a woman who will kneel at my feet with the snap of my fingers. A woman who once receiving instructions carries them out without question."

Looking back at him in shock, she replied, "Why would a woman kneel at your feet? Why would a strong woman like that submit herself to a man in that way? No man is worth that to me." He stepped towards her, an evil grin creasing his face. " oh but you will submit to me. You will learn to follow my every command. You will crave it. It will keep you awake at night. It will cause you to constantly think of me. Don't you worry, you will submit to me. Besides, you already have."

How have I submitted to you already? She replied. Putting her hands on her hips, she realized how. She was wearing the clothes he laid out. OK, you win that one, I am wearing the clothes you asked me to wear. But that doesn't mean I will submit to your every whim and desire.

Oh but you will. Before he could speak another word, there was a knock at the door. "Ah, dinner has arrived." As he walked to the door he said over his shoulder in his commanding voice, "Strip to your stockings and heels. As the cart was wheeled into the room, she looked at the young man and smiled. Turning away, she could feel the man burning a hole into her with his eyes. Biting her bottom lip, she took in a deep breath before turning around. Looking across the room, she watched him sign for the meal and hand him his suit to have sent out to be cleaned. The next words that came from his lips caught her appalled her. While the waiter was standing there, he repeated himself in a growl. "I do not like having to repeat myself. I ordered you to strip down to your stockings and heels. Do it now!" Thanking the waiter, he walked him to the door and asked him to return in a couple of hours. I will have a tip for you then.

Closing the door, he turned and looked at her. She was still dressed. He walked towards her, fire in his eyes. Growling once more, "STRIP NOW!"

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